I need help deciding between two webcams. There is this one and then there is this one. I think I like the second one because it is a) cheaper, and it says it does 30 frames per second, not "up to" like the other one. The only difference between them is the software it comes bundled with and the video resolution. Anyone have any advice?

Okay, I have a few more minutes for writing. I seem to be recovering from the cold -- it hit me hard and quick and it seems to be leaving almost as readily, which is nice. Had another chat with Shawn last night, then one with D before I went to bed. These late night talks are going to have to end somewhat soon -- as in, as of this Sunday. *sigh* I'm *so* not looking forward to getting up at 5:30 or so every morning. Urf. Stupid 7 a.m. job. :P

Yesterday I got to work info again, and at one point I was trying to help these Spanish tourists find a particular book. I found it for them (after the person I asked to get it never called me back), and later realized that I'd mixed up some Italian (prego is Italian for you're welcome, not Spanish) in with my meagre amounts of Spanish. Too bad D or this other new guy A weren't around to translate, but there ya have it. :P

A French professor that I was trying to help one other info shift told me I had a nice French accent, which is always nice to hear. I guess maybe a lot of French people are used to hearing *really* Anglo French, so someone who kinda knows how to do the accent is a nice change?

I really hope I get to work info again today. I really don't feel like working cash. :P Therefore, I want to get in a bit early so I can try to beg. ;) Plus, I don't really have anything in the house for breakfast (all of my bread is frozen and my toaster oven still isn't set up), so I need to hit up a bagel shop for some morning meal.

For lunch though, I have myself a nectarine (that I didn't eat yesterday after the gym, as planned *shame*) and some tasty leftover Thai from last night's dinner with Shawn, Glorg, Matt and Travis. I felt old; I was the oldest there by a year or more, and Travis was the resounding baby at 18. Eesh. :P :)

Been having a bit of a debate on B.J.'s journal regarding dating practices and what's right or not; I'm of the opinion that whatever works for the individuals involved is "right" and it may or may not work for someone else. *shrug* He's in a serious relationship now with someone he met on a MUD; I did the same many moons ago, and it was the worst relationship I'd ever been in (although the one with the coworker comes in a close second). Meeting people through your interests isn't always a guarantee of success. :)

Anyhow, now it's time for me to run. Angel season 2 should arrive today! :)

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