Of course, my underwear has a little charm on it, so life can't be all that bad, can it?

Yes, yes it can.

I just came off an 8-hour shift at my new government job. I got to bed around 1, got up before my alarm went off (something like twenty minutes before it went off, fuck), and rushed into work.

I am now about to head into a 6-hour shift at the bookstore. Did I mention I'm closing? Oh yes, there is closing love in my future. So then I get to rush home afterwards, get to bed as soon as I can, and get up tomorrow at the same time.

Of course, it doesn't help that they're easing me into things slowly, so my days have been running fairly slowly. *sigh*

*sarcastic chipper tone* At least I get to have tomorrow off from the bookstore, so I can get things done around the apartment!


I have dishes I haven't done since Sunday. I have clothes to put away. I have groceries I should restock. I swear to God, if I don't have someone fun to work with tonight, I might just kill someone. I'm hoping for A, and I'm pretty certain that she is working -- if she's the one who called in sick, I'm going to kill her in the most hurtiest way possible.


Yeah, I'm tough and scary. And apparently intimidating and full of confidence. I don't know where the fuck you guys get that impression, but whatever.

Anyhow, hung out for awhile with Glorg and Shawn last night. We got some munchies with the cool waitress and then headed over to see their new place. En route, the skies opened up, so I wound up camping out there for awhile until the worst of the rain abated. I also recorded Shawn's voice mail message for him, and I was kind -- I stayed away from the "is too busy masturbating and crying" one I had originally planned. Although I did emphasize "is indisposed," so draw your conclusions from there.

Chatted with D for a little bit before going to bed -- and no, that wasn't the reason I was up late. We talked while I walked to my apartment, then while I was getting ready for bed. After that point, it was the hot lying down to go to sleep action.

I got to have lunch with Heather today, and we chatted about various boy situations and whatnot. 'Twas nice.

Oh yeah, the part I wanted to write about. If anyone is squeamish or uncomfortable with learning that I'm a sexually active female, they might want to stop reading here. Or never read my blog again. And most definitely avoid Whore's Boudoir.

I don't know what the situation was, or the reason, but last night I was so fucking mentally horny it was unbelievable. I wasn't in the "I need to hump someone's leg and *now*" kind of mood that for me constitutes being physically horny, I just had urges and impulses and thoughts running constantly through my head.

I kept picturing aspects of sex -- like the feeling of someone else's warm flesh against yours. Getting to run your hands down someone's body and feel their muscles flex. Kissing... oh God, kissing. I love kissing, and I was imagining scene after scene of hot make out action. I was seeing myself pushing mystery guy up against a wall and just passionately kissing him... I was thinking of being on top and on the bottom and just feeling the press of lips and the slide of tongues and the gentle nibbling of teeth on lips... Lips on nipples, hands on slick or hard flesh, the passion, the twisting, the overwhelming need...

Just image after image through my head. Some of them were tame, others were a little more intense -- vibrators, dildos, bondage scenes, teasing, tormenting, feeling that sweet ache of flesh that waits for a stroke, a touch, a carress, a lick, a nibble, a bite, a kiss, a squeeze, just attention of some sort.

So yeah. I was kinda horny. It's been quite some time since I've been horny, and the sensation was both nice and frustrating. :P Not to mention it's difficult to do anything about it when you're surrounded by friends. And at their place.

However, fantastic moment of the evening from the restaurant... Glorg, Shawn and myself are sitting at the table, and the subject of masturbating in Shawn's bed comes up. I say, "Yeah, but really -- who here at this table *hasn't* masturbated in Shawn's bed?" The look on Glorg's face was priceless, absolutely priceless. I don't think he wanted to believe that I hadn't -- he kept double-checking. :)

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