Okay, okay, I'm awake. Mostly. I think. Argh.

Looking forward to the day being done so I can have a nap. Is that a bad way to start the day?

*sigh* At least the bookstore let me go at 9, instead of keeping me until the scheduled 11. It meant that I got to hang out with Shawn and Glorg for an hour or so, rather than come home to my smelly apartment.

Today's plans, after work:

* do dishes (do *not* skip this)
* get groceries (would you like to be able to eat something other than ketchup sandwiches?)
* go to gym? (call gym)
* put away clothes? (eventually I will get around to this)
* relax, vegetate, watch some Angel
* chill with Shawn, to celebrate/berate him for his last day of work

Argh. The next two shifts at the bookstore are happening right after my shifts here, so I don't have time for a nap. I'll likely have time to change and drop off/pick up stuff, then go to work. I'll hate life, unless I manage to get some good rest in tonight -- that'll help.

How about a whole post talking about how tired I am?! That's exciting!!1!1!

I want to be held and stroked and kissed and fucked wildly. And I'm not even horny.

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