Okay, I lied. I haven't actually posted the new article at Whore's Boudoir yet. I was pretty zonked last night, and I'd planned to type it up once I got downstairs and to where I'd written it out, but then I gave up and just went to bed.

Tonight marks the great removal of this computer from the Internet. I'll be offline for about 12 hours or so, as I move my computer and its belongings downtown and wait for the cable guy to arrive tomorrow. Be strong, pets; I'll be back, I promise.

My browser has finally reallowed me to access my bank account information, so I'm printing out all kinds of pages for my chequebook updating. That'll be fun, I promise.

Meh. Anyhow, best to be getting moving. I have so many things to remember to bring with me -- like the fish! -- for my (second) night in my apartment. An alarm clock would be good, as the cable guy's showing up around 8ish. Or so. At least I'll have lots of unread and unpacked books to entertain me as I wait. :)

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