Shawn and I got basically everything else in my apartment set up and unpacked last night. I spent the night at the apartment and got up early for the cable guy -- who couldn't get in my place because of the new and improved Pit of Despair that has been constructed at my doorstep.

There's also one at the other end of the street, so unless you're on foot or bike, there ain't no gettin' down my road. Good thing I didn't wait to move things in. :P

Anyhow, I now have a working television and I'm working towards getting the computer set up. There were issues with it not enjoying having been disconnected from my home network, so now there is pouting and sulking going on, and I have to do things involving CDs and sledgehammers.

I have a phone line that will be installed sometime at the end of the week (hopefully), and I have to move my fish in tomorrow morning or tonight, as well as go to WalMart to return my bathroom furnishings (which match nothing) and my broken sugar bowl. I feel so old and weird. :)

My slanty little shanty is coming together now. I walk in and there aren't boxes strewn about, and it's habitable. Sure, it's still missing some things, like decorations and the odd piece of furniture, but altogether it's home. Feels weird.

I also discovered today that one of my profs who turns up pretty regularly in my daily meanderings happens to live two doors down from me. He's one of the guys I'm suckering into writing me a recommendation for the Masters program, so that's kinda cool to know. I liked him a lot, fun guy -- a Newf! :)

Anyways, must hustle over to the bookstore. I've (semi-)officially given notice at two of the three jobs now, so it's really gonna happen. If it don't happen, I'm stuck up shit creek, as I'm quickly depleting my savings in an effort to do things like buy dishes and whatnot. The coming months should balance out financially, once I get the bills going. Yay, bills.

I also made it into the gym today, so my plan to become fit and buff is coming along nicely. See my muscles! Of course, as of yet I can't do the pec dance that D does (or I haven't tried), so I guess I'm just not that awesome. :(

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