Urgh. I seem to be coming down with a cold, which sucks. I've also learned that drinking on a day I've worked out isn't necessarily the best of ideas -- either that or just being sick and drinking isn't good. But I needs mah Baileys!

Anyhow, I had a gym appointment today, so I met with my trainer and she had me doing new exercises and free weights and so my muscles got all weird and quivery and it was kinda cool and kinda awful at the same time. :)

Aside from that, didn't do too much with the day. I picked up some fruits and veggies at the stalls en route to my place, and then made up my perogies and bacon that I had to let defrost because my freezer is full of ice. Yes, I need to defrost it, I just haven't really had time lately. I suck.

From there, met up with Glorg, Jacob and Shawn for an evening of goodness. We went and saw S.W.A.T., after much debate, and I think we *might've* enjoyed it a bit more had it not been for the woman behind us who noticed everything happening a few beats later and then announced it. Her cell phone also rang during the movie. I want to turn around and beat her with my bag of popcorn, but it simply wouldn't have done enough damage. Curses.

We then went to have a drink with some friends of Gord's that he ran into in the theatre, and then they walked me home. Here I be, and I think I'm going to finish watching the last twenty minutes or so of the movie I started this afternoon, then head to bed. I'm hoping by then my phone'll be working, since I may have cocked up the battery process yesterday. The base rings, but the phone doesn't and it doesn't get a dial tone, so I don't think it's the line, and the phone was brand-new. Here's hoping it works so I can have land line goodness.

Anytime you want your sides to ache with laughter, just ask Gord to give you his IKEA-spy narrative process. Jacob and I were in hysterics laughing, and I won't do it the dishonour of trying to reproduce it here, 'cause there ain't no way I could even approach the hilarity. It was funny. :)

I also managed to get all of my magnetic poetry kits (all two of 'em) up on the fridge today, so now there are going to be rules about when people hang out for any length of time. A poem must be made!

Here are my contributions, that I created just on the fly as I put up the words:

I stroke myself

I crave his sweet carress

Blow your man juice

and the now-classic: milk man penis make goo

Take that, Keats. :)

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