There we go. I now have a phone set up and working, so if you want to know my new home phone number, gimme a shout, either through email or my cell. :)

Yesterday, the blogspot sites weren't working; today it's the livejournal sites. Vaguely annoying. :P

I've also had a mini-rash of people recently ICQing me that I don't know. This one guy today was rather persistent and weird in his conversations. Just plain weird and vaguely annoying.

Ah well, today I'm off to WalMart to return some things and replace some others. I just paid September's rent, so that's cool -- good to know my landlord is on top of things. ;) Maybe it'll be the first Sunday of every month or something, who knows? He says to let him know if I need anything, but... I don't. I get the impression of a busy guy who isn't really huge on making sure we're all set. If that makes sense. That's okay, so long as nothing breaks or the ceiling doesn't fall in on me, I don't plan to be here longer than a year, so I should be okay. Right? :)

I just wish my comments would be back up and running, but that should be going tomorrow or the day after. Cross your fingers and save 'em up. :)

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