Apparently I lose the ability to think when I'm "not at my best." I cannot for the life of me think of a particular word that I need to describe a part of the "mythic quest" that I'm trying to illustrate for Richard Adams' Watership Down, and the worst part of it is I can't even think of euphemisms for the word/phrase I want so that I can look it up in a thesaurus.

It would seem (almost started another paragraph there with "apparently") that I was very pale towards the end of the day at work; helped in no small part I'm sure by the fact that I was wearing black, but also that I haven't really been sleeping well at night all week. I also didn't get as much of a nap yesterday as I might otherwise, but I thought I was doing okay. Mind, I've drifted off a bit the last two days again, so maybe not. Stupid female problems, draining all of my energy, sapping my will to live...

Okay, so it's not quite that bad, but it's not fun, either. *mutter* Ah well, one more day, then it's the weekend.

I've played hermit today, and it was nice, but it was also sad, because no one seemed to notice. :( This just proves that no one loves me and no one would get in touch with me if I didn't call them. On that note, I'm back to trying to finish up a few assignments before I go to bed.

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