Got some more clean-up done on the apartment yesterday. I also tried to kill myself, because no one was around to hang out with. I also blew off my dance class, 'cause of a crick in my neck, bad weather outside, and pure and abject laziness and apathy on my part. But I got a fair bit of Angel watched, so it's all good.

Kill myself? Oh yeah, left the burner on the stove on. For about an hour or more after I finished using it. I'm brilliant.

My morning, so far:

5:30 a.m.: Alarm goes off. I had already woken up shortly prior to this (or so it seemed) for reasons I can no longer recall.
5:31 a.m. -- 6:10 a.m.: Shower, check websites, dry off.
6:11 a.m.: Wrestle into one pair of pantyhose. Discover am big fat cow since last purchase of black pantyhose (in high school, if I remember correctly). Try another pair.
6:13 a.m.: Have crotch issues with pantyhose, but nothing that can't be overcome/dealt with. Apply skirt.
6:15 a.m.: Discover skirt has tear in side. Decide to dry hair and apply sweater, then see if sweater covers hole.
6:19 a.m.: Sweater does not cover hole. Continue making breakfast, attempting to decide if hole is really that obvious (I am a fashionista, it is true).
6:23 a.m.: Decide to sew up hole in skirt. Thanks to unpacking two nights ago, am aware of where sewing supplies (i.e., needle, scissors and embroidery floss, for lack of anything better) reside. Extract sewing supplies, remove skirt, begin to sew.
6:27 a.m.: Wonder why I haven't heard the news on the radio yet. Due to contest thing, no news on the radio. Become somewhat annoyed, due to lack of time gauge now (generally leave as news is finishing or shortly thereafter).
6:32 a.m.: Rush out the door, balancing breakfast precariously on itself as I lock the door and juggle shoe bag and umbrella.
6:33 a.m.: Watch as half of my breakfast (one of the two English muffins) tumbles into the abyss (otherwise known as the dirt driveway) when I open the umbrella.

Despite leaving later than usual and whatnot, I managed to get the same buses I usually do. I think because I was wearing sneakers, I was able to move faster. Is it sad that today's outfit was planned around my new shoes? Am I turning into a girl?

Oh yes, and thunderstorms are great morning weather for skirts. Mind you, once the outer layer of flesh freezes, you're pretty much good to go.

And I've decided I no longer really mind posting from work. Obviously. :) If nothing else, it's a set block of time that I know usually has five minutes for me in it.

Note to self: call my landlord today so I can get the insurance info and bitch him out for his "I'll send someone Monday or Tuesday" to fix the problems at my apartment -- this after he said he'd get it fixed before I moved in, and this "Monday or Tuesday" was actually last week. :P

Of course, his bringing someone by could cut into my nap time. *sigh*

I also need to go through my sock drawer and throw some out. I have way too many, especially considering I'll probably never wear about 1/4 of them.

Okay, now I'm really gone. Maybe if my landlord doesn't get a move on, I'll call him when I wake up in the morning. Heh. :)

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