Yesterday I got out to the homestead and had some dinner with the folks. I gave Digger a good rubdown, and my dad told me that every now and then he wanders around at night, crying, looking for my sister and I. I feel guilty. :( Yet he doesn't seem to care one way or the other when I show up... although he definitely appreciates the loving. :)

I also wound up taking a bunch more stuff from home into the apartment, which is nice and annoying. Just when I'd made some progress, there they go filling up again. :P My mom was sorta taking pokes at me for "never calling" -- I was half-thinking that's 'cause everytime I call, she's pestering me to call my landlord or get out to the house to move more things downtown. :P I learned all about my sister's moving back and forth across Halifax (because of the hurricane), and her own stupidities and logical fallicies ("I'm tired of unpacking every 48 hours" -- when it's been her choice to move into the hotel from Grandpa's or into the residence from the hotel). I told my dad the sole reason she was concerned about the commute or being off-campus was likely due to the partying that was going on. :P

I also tried to explain to Mom that the reason I didn't know the extent of the hurricane damage was because it simply wasn't covered in the news sources I follow. I catch the quick news on the radio before I leave the house, then I read the aboriginal and Indian news coverage at work, then the local paper. Well, the election kinda overshadowed the hurricane, unfortunately; I really didn't learn much about it except from blogs and such.

I had a nice chat last night with A, and learned some interesting things... and some less positive things. Well, nothing I didn't already know, but there were parts that I thought were nicer to hear than others. Ah well, that's life.

However, she and I have had some nice chats about relationships and non-relationships and whatnot. We're on the same page in a lot of ways, and yet in some places almost completely opposite. We find it entertaining. :)

This week I'm going to be training on the media monitoring that a coworker of mine does, and that means that at least two, probably three days this week my days are going to start at 6 a.m. Correction, my work days are going to start at 6 a.m. This is not going to make for a particularly happy Jen, although the idea of being able to leave work at 2 p.m. is appealing.

Anyhow, feeling hungry and don't have much to say. I've remembered the odd vignette here and there that I've wanted to post, but never seem to remember to do so. The last little while has involved a few people stating that I don't seem to get comments as often, or that the comments have the wrong tone to them... I've also gotten a few comments about how I don't update anymore. Well, I have some friends who barely update at all, so I think I'm doing okay in comparison. :)

However, a few shining conversational tidbits:

"That's not what Thanksgiving is about!"
"You CRAZY BITCH, it's all your fault!" (in regards to the heat in my apartment -- oddly enough, my heat seems to have only two settings, so it isn't *entirely* my fault, and I don't really mind having to wander around the apartment in my alltogether)

There were others, but as with much, I've forgotten. :P :)

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