Introduce this Pope Innocent III Action Figure to your other figures and watch the spiritual sparks fly! Armed with his formidable power of excommunication and an intimidating scroll inscribed with Latin text, this 6" tall, hard plastic model of the 176th Pope will soon have all your other action figures lining up for confession. Read the back of the illustrated blistercard and you'll find that Pope Innocent III was a good guy in all respects. He was a patron of the arts, cared about orphans, built a hospital and reunified the Papal States! Comes with removable fancy Pope hat.

Geeked out last night with Ben, watching Star Treks: Insurrection and Nemesis. Good times. :) Wound up staying too late and crashed on the sofa in the basement; I fit into a loveseat, though it's not ideal for me, sleep-wise. No matter, woke up around 9 or so, got some more rest (I think), then headed out for the bus. I figure Ben and Mark will be out for the count for quite some time.

There's more I want to write here about last night, but I'm not sure what to say or how to say it, so I'm just going to leave it be for now. If I'm lucky, I'll get some writing time in today/tonight, and maybe get it sorted out in my head on my own. Mind you, it's one of those things that I don't know if I can sort out without talking to the other person involved.

For those of you who sent me messages saying you were worried about me after my last rambling post (from Saturday morning), thanks. I wasn't really as mucked up as people seem to think, I just had some lines running through my head that made sense to me and I posted them there, albeit in a less sense-making fashion than I would have hoped. I find it kinda funny that when I feel at my worst and post, no one seems to say anything, but when I toss something off in a mini-haze combination of tired and mildly down, everyone's there. You guys are funny. :)

I'm about half-way into the second Anita Blake book (I originally had the first lent to me), and I'm enjoying it. I think now I'm in the right frame of mind for the books and I know a bit better what to expect from the author, so that's probably helping. Either that or I'm just in the mood now for vampires and zombies and stuff. Maybe I need a Spike fix. ;)

Anyhow, time for breakfast and random other errands to be taken care of around here. I need to scare up some loonies to get some laundry done, but I think I'll put that off until tomorrow. I should go to the gym, especially as I swore I would yesterday; I think I'll do that just before work. For now, I'm feeling kinda lazy, but not tired enough to go back to sleep. So much for getting lots of rest this weekend. Ah well... the head stuff is fun. :P

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