Ergh. I crashed at the folk's place last night, and it was *cold* there. I've gotten way too used to my sauna-temperatures, I guess. Either that or I'm just not used to the lightweight bedspread and sheets that are on my sister's bed.

I am also apparently retaining water, or the soup expanded in my system or something, 'cause I was peeing constantly all day yesterday. Pretty ridiculous, and I've decided to blame that for my seeming weight gain (retaining water and maybe some muscle mass? One can hope).

*sigh* I'm *trying*. I'm trying to eat well, I eat less than I used to (or so I think), and I work out at the gym at least two days a week. I know I've gotten stronger, but aside from that, has anything changed? When I looked in the mirror yesterday and I could see the beginnings of a double chin -- or at least some major softness going on under my chin -- I decided that maybe not.

So what with the frozenness last night (I woke up at one point to use the washroom and my face was cold to the touch), and whatnot, I didn't sleep tremendously greatly. *sigh* I spent last night hanging out with a few friends, R and N, and JW and AM. We played video games and chatted, and I got to enjoy the joys of Celebrity Deathmatch (although those joys are admittedly short-lived), and some Amplitude, which I wasn't very good at at all. :) After I passed out on the couch slightly, we all left. I got to wait a stupid amount of time for the bus (must've just missed one), finished Survivor (by Chuck Palahniuk -- this one I actually kinda enjoyed, maybe now I'm getting used to his style), and went home to post depressing updates and sleep.

Which takes us to today... left the house late-ish with the folks. My dad's car's washer fluid thingys were all frozen up, so he didn't want to get on the highway to drive me downtown (understandable). Did I mention I woke up to a whole bunch of snow? Yeah. Lovely times. Anyhow, we got to a point just before the highway on-ramp, they went and did some shoe shopping, and I hit up the bookstore. Yay for bookstores. I picked up basically all of the current Anita Blake series (minus the last three), and the girl who rang up my purchases screwed up my coupons. *sigh* I only realized it in the car, after we'd already left, too. Ah well...

And then we came downtown and my dad put up the cupboards in my bathroom (though not my shelves yet), and life is getting slightly closer to good in the storage area. Part of me wants to just live in this dinky little apartment forever because of the hassle of doing this all over again in less than a year, but the other part of me is saying, "no, no, you'll move out. Yes, you will." :)

I've been trying to kinda renew contact with an old acquaintance, for lack of a better word, and it doesn't seem to be happening. I'm not sure what I want out of the contact, so maybe that's not a bad thing that it's not happening, but it's still a bit of a pisser. I'm not sure if I should continue the effort, or just let it go.

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