Okay, I'm hanging out at Glorg, Shawnothan and Jacobina's place, and here is some of the after-dinner conversation we were having (prior to the crappy computer talk):

[when explaining why he was squatting over the digi cam to take a picture of his ass]: "Nono, I was trying to take a picture of my asshole."

Okay, so that one's much better in context, when you hear the tone and stuff. Believe me, it was that fucking funny.

Then, after Shawn stating that Gord will eat/put almost anything in his mouth, the back and forth between him and Shawn:

"He'd eat my baby hammerhead, and I'd be like, that was $20!"
"Why would you have a unique fish?"
"Why would you eat my fish?"

Ah well, again, it was funny. Jacob almost died.

Btw, I hate being male. This is really fun... but also annoying. :P I miss my wimpy girl libido. Kinda.

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