What's more important than my last update wherein I specified that I was hanging out with Shawn, Glorg, Jacob and company is the fact that I am a big jerk. Yes, it's true, and I finally admit it: I am, indeed, a big jerk.

Take for example the fact that I updated Shawn's journal (twice, even), but was hesitant to let him update my blog. Oh, he knew my password, but because he temporarily forgot my blog's password, I was an utter meanie about it and made fun of his intelligence. And then Glorg came over and did the same. Personally, I think that this is an example of an unfair double-standard and would like to apologize for it wholeheartily. I mean, Shawn's a bright and sensitive guy who deserves better than to be punched, nipple-tweaked, insulted, and even groin-mashed by yours truly. It's a harsh sight, and frankly anyone who were to see me picking on Shawn in the manner I have would probably be utterly disgusted with me for what I've done. And who could blame them? Sometimes I run into a wall over and over in frustration over the person I've become.

Other than that, though, I suppose life is good. I mean, I have awesome and unconditionally caring friends like Shawn who doesn't even mind hearing me talk about my relationship problems even though he secretly thinks that I am hot shit and knows that I don't feel the same way about him. And right now I am hanging out with good friends and having fun and drinks and so on and so forth. (And complaining that I'm horny, right beside Shawn who is basically killing himself as we speak. What a cruel, cruel world.)

But, seriously: I am an alright person. I'm good looking (cute eyes, a little nose, and a generally sexy look upon my face at all times), in spite of what I may say. My eyes contain both amsement and a sort of skepticism that is intriguing to anyone who knows me (and would notice these sorts of things). I'm quite smart, a good writer, and most importantly I am funny and open-minded. This is why the guys like me so much moreso than I'd ever admit. That is all.

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