My trainer is really awesome. I forgot to mention this: on Tuesday, she snagged me a gym pack, which means that I now have a real, honest-to-goodness gym bag, a new t-shirt, a water bottle, and a hat.

Not that I wear hats; Ben saw me in a hat today and laughed at me. Of course, I was deliberately making it look even worse (not that that's difficult -- I can't wear hats), but it was good.

Lots of money was spent today, but retail therapy is always good, and it's a lot better than sitting around the house feeling like ass, which was my other option for the day.

Ben is awesome. :) We joked with the EB guys, and they abused us and we abused them, and we hit up various stores in the quest for mini-gifts.

Hrm. My neighbours are loud and some of them are stompy, which annoys me. :P Oh, wait -- it would appear that they're singing tonight. That's so much better. :P

Note to self: pay bills, make cookies, mail gifts, do laundry, do dishes. Urgh.

My coworker buddy and I might be taking a knitting course together. I learned today that D used to knit, and he's made scarves for people, and he was baking cookies today. Apparently he's just like my coworker's boyfriend -- as she puts it, a total soccer mom. I think I might steal her boyfriend. :P

Anyhow, time for bed. I finished my last Anita Blake book today, so I think I'll be starting Life of Pi soon, or something else equally lightweight. Hah.

As of an hour from now, only 7 days of Christmas rage remain. Although I'll likely be over the rage by the 23rd or so. Also, a happy birthday to Shawn tomorrow, and his party is on Saturday. Show love.

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