Despite having felt kinda like bleh for too many days to count lately, right now I'm feeling kinda good and actually feeling sexy.

I was listening to "My love is like woah" by Mya, and I just want to *move*. I want to twist and turn and lick and nibble and kiss and bite and rub against someone. Feel warm flesh against warm flesh and listen to someone's breathing get faster or deeper from something I'm doing.

One of the few areas in which I have self-confidence is my mad bedroom skillz. I'm pretty certain that I'm a good kisser and everything that extends from that, although I'm bad and awkward on top, and I'm fairly confident that given a session or two, I can figure out what, generally, someone else enjoys. I may not get all of his or her favourite moves down right away, but I can learn 'em, and I love to hear that list of what someone else likes.

I'm often a big giver, and I think it ties into my big ol' submissive streak, although I'm not averse to taking the reins at times. I love to hear someone gasp or moan or pant from something I'm doing, and I love knowing that the someone I'm with is having a good time. This is why making out is so much fun and so frustrating and just generally awesome all over.

Conversely, I love digging my fingers into someone as they suck my neck or lightly nibble the top of my ear or do any of the other billion things I enjoy (hey, I can't tell the world what I like now, can I?). I love that primal part of us that takes over during moments of arousal (how clinical), when we dig our fingers into someone's flesh, when our hips start churning, just to feel the pressure of someone else against us -- both a source of sweet frustration and a source of releas -- when we start getting a little rough, perhaps, using nails down someone's back, pulling on their hair, nearly growling out commands or requests ("would you just touch me already?" or "fuck me, now!"), when all you want to do is just move against someone and feel everything all at once.

To quote someone I've been compared to a few times (both the character, which I can buy, and the actress, which amazes me): "I get nasty when I'm horny."

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