I had a weird dream last night. I dreamt that my sister and I, on a whim, decided to go to Toronto. We were at my parent's place, and I packed a bunch of stuff, and we were set to go.

The problem was, I hadn't packed any bras or underwear, and I kept remembering that, thinking I had to do something about it, but never doing it.

Then, we got Dad to drive us someplace to get money or something, and we realized that we'd forgotten our bags at home -- all we had were our purses. A taxi came along, and we tried to grab it to take us back home, but it had to go pick up another fare.

We finally called a cab and got in, and I started chewing out my sister for not having helped out at all (at this point she was deciding she didn't want to go, since we wouldn't get in until 5 or 6 in the morning), and how the whole trip was her idea because we were actually tagging on to the tail end of a trip her friends were taking.

I'm now having flashes of locations I've been to (a particular train station, a hotel) in other travelling dreams I've had in the past. I'm not sure if those locations were a part of this dream, or if my awake mind is just making things up.

I also had a dream about crashing an event of sorts that turned into a high school cafeteria that everyone got kicked out of... at the event part of it, I kept running into people I knew, and one of them I knew but didn't recognize 'cause he'd shaved his head. He didn't want to let me leave, but I said my sister and I had to go (this was before we decided against going, I think).

Then I wound up in some small town, wandering through their main community office building, and no one noticed me except a huge cat they had living there. I also wandered through the town itself (I think I was trying to get through it), and I wound up on someone's property (in my dream, they were a coworker of mine) while she gardened. I got away and she didn't notice me. Her property and house were ringed in many small, but well-kept and very pretty gardens.

I think what brought on all of this (at least the travelling part) was talking about going to Montreal for a weekend in February with Big A. The last two years I've gone in February, now's about time to do it again. :) Yay, Biodome (it's like the Toronto Zoo, but not).

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