Okay, a few dreams I've had recently, the most recent one being last night.

First, the cat dream. Yeah, yeah. I don't remember the specifics now, but it had to do with something sad about Digger. In my dream, he looked like Shadow (white with some brown and black to him, as Shadow's a calico), but we called him Digger. We also called the cat that was hanging around looking like he really does Digger. I think the calico Digger was sick or lost, or stuck under something... I just remember that it was kinda sad, I was again somewhat tempted to wake up in the morning and call Mom, asking her if he was okay, and I didn't, 'cause I'm a mean Mommy (or so my mom said last year, when I didn't have the ability/time to buy the cats presents; I made up for it this year). :)

The second dream I had last night, and it was crazy-weird. It involved my girlfriend N (i.e., my teammate on Team Lesbian Death -- New Year's Eve reference), and my ex-boyfriend J. I don't remember the pre- stuff (i.e., why I'd be going over to her place or whatnot), but in my dream I walked up a flight of stairs to the front door of the house, and I knocked. N called out for me to come in, so I opened the door and stepped up, and there was her bed (great location for it, but convenient for the dream, I suppose), and she and J were going at it, full flagrante delicto.

Now, here's where I point out that N has been with her boyfriend R for quite some time, and the two of them are inseperable.

However, in my dream I made some weird noises or something, and ran out. There was an assemblage of the other friends of whom N is a part, and I ran to them and was being all weird and crying and not crying by R. I can't really remember if I told him what I'd seen or not; I think I may have.

I remember feeling somewhat confused and maybe even betrayed in my dream; not that J and I are together, nor have we been for awhile, but feelings are never particularly rational or even always appropriate. I know I was upset, that's for sure. 'Twas a very strange dream, and I think there was some fall-out afterwards, but it's unclear in my fuzzy head right now.

That dream later morphed into another one, or I just had another one, this time involving work. In that dream, we were all supposed to draw up a list of words for some penny giveaway, and it was a bit like Scattergories, in that for every word you had that the main guy read off, you crossed it off your list. I remember I'd written out weird phrases and words that don't exist, since I hadn't quite known what the premise was originally (we were only told after we wrote out our lists), so I grabbed a thick black marker and went through my words, crossing out the weird ones. For some reason, it wasn't important that I have the most non-crossed out words at the end.

And that's my crazy nighttime psyche. It probably means I should turn down the heat -- I tend to only dream when I'm feeling warm -- but my place hasn't been sauna-warm in quite some time, so I think I'm actually okay.

Today I'm going to try to get to the spa, and then I have to check my list to see what else I'm supposed to do. I'm heading over to the party around 8 tonight, and beyond that, I don't know what's on the list for today. Again, I should call my landlord. :)

I should also try to put up my light bulbs; I actually bought some yesterday, so I can finally have my bathroom properly-lit (making it probably the only room in my apartment that is), plus I get to have my reading light back for the living room... not that I've missed it that much. :)

Anyhow, off I go. Pathetically enough, I only woke up a half-hour ago. Well, I woke up at 8:30, but then went back to sleep until 1. Getting back to work on Monday is going to be *painful*. *sigh*

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