Okay, so I have a stalker, and his name (at least on here) is Big A. :)

He showed up at my apartment last week, and we hung out and watched a movie, rather than go grocery shopping. I'm a horrible influence.

Then today, as I was leaving the grocery store with my nice little loser cart full of groceries, he was coming in. So I followed him around the store and told him what was new and exciting in my life (not a whole lot), and then he drove me to my apartment.

I have good friends. :)

Tonight was the spaghetti-stravaganza at a friend from high school's place, and there was a decent crowd there. My girlfriend T and I spent a decent amount of time in conversation with the odd person, but primarily each other, and it was fun. I was reminded once again how it does seem that I've changed somewhat, even if I can't really see it for myself. A few people I knew in high school have read this site and have seen that I've changed; personally, I never really saw it, but then again, it's me. Just like you don't see the weight you've put on, or how long your hair has grown, you don't see how you've changed -- it's something that someone else has to point out to you.

At the same time, I'm aware of some of the changes. I'm more mellow now, I think, and I know I'm much more open about lots of things. Some of my current friends have told me that I only let people in as far as I want them to go, and if there's something I don't want someone to know about, there's no way in hell they'll learn it, but I always thought it was the reverse for me, actually. I've always thought I share way too much.

I know if I'm asked a question I don't really want to answer, I'm all about the evasiveness, and more often than not, I don't even know I'm doing it, which is kinda weird. I'll dodge direct questions at times, usually in the effort to spare someone's feelings, and then I'm bad with vague questions -- "tell me about yourself" always nets a weird response, and I always think of things I would have wanted to mention long after the fact. I'm the dumb. :)

Ah well. This is an "all about me" entry, which it wasn't meant to be. Mainly I just wanted to say that I find it funny when people say that I've changed, I guess because I feel that I've been the way I am for awhile now, and figure most people would have caught up by now. :)

Spending the night at Ben's tonight, mainly 'cause I was too lazy to bus back home from the spaghetti-stravaganza. That and I just didn't feel quite like going back to my empty apartment. For whatever reason I feel like being social, but it would appear that Ben has crashed on the couch I was going to be sleeping on, and there is someone asleep on the floor, so I don't really know how I'm going to go about getting to sleep. That's what I get for monopolizing the computer, I guess. :)

So, what other random things to say? Well, I took a bunch of pictures today, so I need to do some transferring when I get home. I did manage to get my dishes done and my grocery shopping shopped, so I do feel I accomplished something today, which is nice. Now I just need to make sure that I get to the spa tomorrow (hopefully), and call my landlord (I keep saying I'll do it, maybe in February, when rent is three months due, I'll actually get around to it). I also need to pay my phone bill, and whatever else is on my list that I keep forgetting to do. I kinda suck.

Tomorrow is Glord, Shawnathon and Jacobina's party-o-rama, so I'll be having fun with the hanging out at that. It sounds as though there shall be people who were unable to attend the birthdaylicious celebration for Shawnathon (for example, Ben), so I imagine fun shall be had.

From the sounds of things, Ben is awake right now, so I think I shall poke him. :)

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