Well, holy crap. Here I was worried that people wouldn't notice I'd done something different with the hair, and... wow. This morning, I kept getting held up places 'cause people wanted to talk about the hair, to say how much they loved it, to touch it and style it for themselves... it's been awesome, and the reactions have been really positive to it, which is great.

It's hard to tell from the pictures I posted, but there are all kinds of highlights through it, it's shorter overall and all hacked in the back, and the style is "messy." There isn't meant to be rhyme or reason to it, and that's one reason why some of my coworkers have had so much fun playing with it themselves.

This means that my styling of it this morning actually kinda worked out -- I've found a hairdo that looks cool, is fun, and I can do it myself. Wow. :)

The funny part was some people weren't sure if it was cut, some weren't sure if I'd just had it styled, nothing else, and some noticed all the differences, and kept having me turn to show them off to others. :) Even people I only see, not work with, have been really complimentary.

I have a picture of myself from around Christmas up (we all do, it was how we decorated the tree), and someone held it up as the "before" picture. It's a bit easier to tell from that pic that my hair wasn't the most flattering when it was chin-length and straight that way... and I think that was fairly shortly after a haircut, too. Eesh.

The best comment I had this morning was when the admin assistant told me that now I'd have lineups of boyfriends, and I repeated that comment when a coworker (D) came in, to which she said, "Well, it's only 8 o'clock, wait a little." It was funny.

My coworker friend also told me that I had fantastic eyes, which was cool; I'm taking advantage of the new hair and whatnot to bust out the contacts once more. The fun part is that I can tell that I'm making use of my eyes more, now that they're not hidden behind glasses frames... it's hard to explain, but if there was a cutie here, man would I be seductive. ;) And that's without even trying!

During our morning briefing, my boss told me that I was obsessed with my hair (just out of the blue, for no reason), and I said I was trying to find a reflective surface in which to look. That got some laughs. Then later, when I passed him in the hall, he asked, 'Get a haircut?' and I said I thought it was him that was obsessed with my hair. :)

And finally, another coworker went on and on about how hot I looked. Mildly wiggy, but... Ah well.

So that's my 17-paragraph update about my hair. Aren't you glad I have a new obsession?

My mom told me the other day that my nanny has an infection in her leg from her knee replacement surgery, so she's currently on antibiotics (administered at the hospital) and bed-ridden, which really sucks for her. I'm just worried about the infection not clearing up, but I'm trying to not think that way. Positive thoughts on it only.

I was going to make soft-shelled tacos last night for dinner, but then I was really lazy (and it was almost 8 by the time I got home), so I think I'm going to do that tonight. I picked up some soy protein powder to make shakes, and I think that water is *not* what they should be mixed with. Not good.

Anyhow, it's almost time to be heading off to the gym. My fake nails are getting lightly orange-coloured from the carrots I'm eating; weird times.

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