Curse you government firewalls, for blocking my access to game sites and other ways of wasting time!

I'm actually writing a speech right now, it's just that I have a certain process when I write. Namely, I write for a stretch, then I take a break. Then I write some more, then I distract myself. Sure, it slows me down, but it works for me, and people like to claim I write well, so... don't knock it. :)

I also don't have my traditional writing meal of Coke and microwave popcorn (although I did have the Coke), so I'm all screwed up. Writing at work is much different than writing in my own private little corner at home. Mind you, I no longer have any private corners now that I have the demon spawn; she loves to sprawl on the tiny amount of computer desk I have available between my monitor and the edge of the desk. Since she's still small, this approach works for her, but it usually also involves feet dangling off the edge and onto my keyboard, whereby she provides such valuable contributions to my conversations or updates as "+60000" or "i666666666666666666666666" or my personal favourite, "ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff." Granted, not all of her commentary centers around numerical contributions, but without any real examples in front of me, I can't properly demonstrate the depth and scope of her efforts.

As well, she's quite fond of standing on whatever key makes the computer scream, hitting F11 to make my IE window fill the screen, or hiding under the top of the desk on the keyboard tray and ensuring my mouse isn't harming humanity. Sometimes, when she's exhausted from standing in front of the screen and pawing at it or riding our little world of the threat that is the mouse cable, she gives up and goes to sleep on my keyboard. I think this is her way of sending me a message. It's tough to decipher, seeing as how my ability to speak kitten is fairly rusty, but I think it's something akin to, "Get the fuck off the computer already." The dialect varies from kitten to kitten, but I think I have the translation fairly accurate.

I screwed up when it came to setting my alarm last night; I set the wrong one, which was still on last week's crazy-ass-hours time, so it went off at 5 a.m. Because I'm insanely stupid when I first wake up, I turned off my real alarm first, which meant that in the end, I overslept somewhat -- just 15 minutes, and since I no longer rush out of the house (quite the opposite, really), there was no harm gained. Of course, the fun part was that since I was up, Thena was also up, and so there was much cuddling to be had at 5 a.m. Then there was biting and a squirt gun (which, when I woke up again later, I was still brandishing, which is probably what kept me safe through the remaining hour or so of my sleep), and more sleeping, and then more cuddling, then a waking up moment just around 6 (the damn cat has me trained to wake up at that hour, now!), whereby in my non-glasses, just-woke-up-holy-God-I'm-stupid state, I read the clock as first 10:11, then 2 something, then finally 6-something, its correct time... and then there was more resting and lazing and some more cuddling and probably some more biting in there, too.

Thena has learned that Mom's soft underarms make for good nipping places. Damn cat. Of course, she's also learned that she's just not that keen on getting squirt-gunned, so this is a battle that may yet be won. Mind you, in last night's efforts to wear her out by playing ball, she bit me twice on the wrist, once right across a vein, which was a weird injury to look at. There just seems to me to be something wrong about having a scratch on one of your veins. Of course, she might have just been getting me back for laughing when she did her run up to attack -- what can I say? She's a roly-poly little kitten and she looks hilarious when she's doing her running attack... especially when the fierce paws fly up to tap.

As always, I have to remind myself that even though she's been bumming around the apartment for a month and a half, she's still just a baby at a big 12 weeks old. She's getting bigger though, obviously, and she's getting around more. She can now jump in the tub usually with just one leap (sometimes it takes two or three), and she's even figured out how to get up on the windowsill (I showed her once, now she knows it's there). She also likes to climb up in my wok and chew on its edges, but I'm going to put that one down to just plain ol' kitten contrariness.

Needless to say, I'm finding that it might be a good idea to be in a new place before she's spayed; she definitely seems to be growing into this space and I'm finding that it might be nice to have more room for her to run about and play. Fortunately, she seems to avoid the doors and escape attempts, at least for now; I think the fact that I live right on a moderately-busy street keeps her from wanting to run out. It's loud and scary outside. She's only once made an escape attempt, and it was the last time I brought someone new over; kinda weird, but I'm glad I was able to catch her.

Anyhow, how's this for an impromptu update? See how I distract myself when no one will talk to me? Ah well, I like what I've written. It's Friday, I'm going out again tonight and life is good. Of course, I will pay for it in an crazed kitten when I finally get home, but tomorrow is going to be another Thena day, and Sunday won't. I feel bad about that. Mean OFK, planning things on Sunday when I'm already at work. Maybe I can bring her over? Hehehe. :)

Ah well... tomorrow, she goes to the vet, and then maybe she'll be semi-stressed and so on, so she'll be calm for a day or two. That's usually how it goes. After that, no more vet appointments until she's in to be spayed. Woohoo, no more girl parts after that.

Man, am I feeling wonky. Is it bad to notice that your friends have *really* hot brothers? Like, *really* hot? No more dating your friends' siblings. My brain is just all over the place. :P I have a huge entry mostly written up in my notebook, so that'll appear later. It's the day of writing! You know you're all killing time at work, anyhow. Don't lie.

Oh yeah, and I'm wearing *makeup* today. I do this occasionally, now that I fancy up the hair. Man, being pretty is hard work. :P

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