Last night, someone called me at 3 a.m. I don't know who this person is, and they didn't leave a message. I'm tempted to return the favour tonight at the same hour.

I also had a dream involving a guy I went to elementary school with named Phil, and I dreamt that he looked the exact same and was interested in me. My mom didn't want me to date him, although I forget her reasons -- I think she just felt he wasn't right for me.

Later I wound up married to Steve Martin for some reason, and in my dream, of his 8 or 9 kids, 4 of them were cast members from That 70s Show, and three of his kids were being really stupid. Two of those three had STDs and all three were really promiscuous.

A few of us wound up on the cover of TV Guide, but I don't remember thinking that we were in a television show.

There was also something in there about Alexis Denisof (Wesley on Buffy and Angel, married to Alyson Hannigan), but I don't remember particulars.

Thena, the kitten, woke me up a few times, alternately wanting to love or attack. I think she's mad that I wouldn't cuddle her at 2 in the morning, so she's all aggressive this morning, instead of her usual cuddly morphing into aggressive. Evil cat.

I just don't feel like moving this morning. I went to bed early last night, managed to fall asleep at a decent hour, then all of that was going on. Maybe I should just lock her out of the bedroom at night. But she's not *always* bad... *sigh*

Someone else want to live my life for me for awhile?

At least I have my doctor's appointment on Friday and can hopefully get some of my other body stupidities figured out. And I'm going out a couple of times this week, so that's cool. I hope. :)

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