You know, I typically pride myself on thinking that I have a decent idea of what's going on in the world of relationships and so on.

Then, when it comes to my own life, I haven't the faintest. That's okay, I'm used to that.

But then... I talk it over with a friend or two, and I get a perspective on the whole situation that I might not have otherwise thought of, and it makes sense and is perhaps more mentally nice than the one I had.

What can I say? I know some smart people -- even if they, too sometimes need a different perspective for their own lives and things. But that's what friends are for, corny and hokey as that sounds.

This is my roundabout way of trying to say that my friend Ben is good people. :)

Not to say that my other friends aren't, but today is a props to Ben kind of day, 'cause he manages to show me things that I should see, or I should know, but for whatever reason or another I don't. It's nice, and greatly appreciated.

Thanks dude. :)

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