Note to self: Stop putting yourself in situations where you wind up feeling used afterwards.

Thena likes to steal the plug for the bathtub and run around with it. I found it in my kitchen area today.

Updates on the weekend to come.

An article for Whore's Boudoir will be finished after tomorrow night's excursion. Research, you know.

There was also a great deal of harrassment going on tonight between one of my coworkers and I. Good times, good times -- good for the ego, too. My new haircut is nice, although I wish I could style it. :P

It looks as though I'll be taking in Ryan's kitten, partly in an effort to socialize Thena. On the one hand, I wish she and I could just come to an agreement whereby she stops gnawing on me and I stop disliking her when she gnaws on me, but at the same time, I think the company during the day would be good for her. I guess I'm a little worried that Thena would be jealous, or that I wouldn't pay enough attention to the new kitten... but then again, I've done cat transitions before, and I always have worries like this. I'm just a big loser.

However, I do know that in some small way, Thena loves me. Right now she's busy ensuring that the dot of paint on the wall beside my bed is well and truly threatened and abused, and shouldn't cause any problems for me when I sleep. She's a good attack cat. Too bad her attacking isn't limited to the bathmat, my laundry and the paint on the wall... and unlike the inanimate objects, I have the marks to show for her efforts. :P

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