Ah, Dear Abby, how your readers can be so... Well, you guys decide:

DEAR ABBY: I am a teen-age girl, and I'd like to offer some advice to other teens before they decide to have sex. Besides the possibility of getting pregnant or a sexually transmitted disease (STD), here are three reasons to remain a virgin:
1. When you get married, you want to be faithful to your spouse, right? Well, if you have sex now, you are already cheating on your future spouse.

2. Even though there are different kinds of contraceptives to choose from, none of them can protect your emotions. When you have sex, you become emotionally entangled with the other person. That's why it hurts so much if you break up. Sex should be part of a lifelong commitment.

3. Sex doesn't mean love. If your date doesn't respect your wishes not to have sex, he or she doesn't love you.

Abby, please print this. I'm so sick of my friends and classmates getting hurt by having sex. -- EAST COAST TEEN-AGER
Okay, so whatever. But the first point -- you're already being unfaithful to your future spouse?! Uhh.... what?! Yes, because I had sex with these boys when I was young, ten years before I met you or knew your or know I'd marry you, obviously I was cheating on your not-yet-a-reality, my love!

It's only cheating if you do it when you've agreed to be monogamous to someone, and they don't condone what you're doing. Otherwise, it's called another option. Not everyone wants to lead the same cookie-cutter uptight lifestyle.

And rather than leaving off there, I will continue my monologue/diatribe/whining about my day.

So... The weather today is supposed to be up to 23 degrees. That's nice. I decided today I would wear a dress (especially as my own clean pants are jeans and my boss was already bugging me about my wear yesterday. Not seriously, but still...). I put on a long dress with pantyhose (I hate pantyhose) and I get ready to go.

Now, because I haven't been home a lot the last two days and because my cat hates me, she decided that every time I walked past her, stopped moving, or was in her eyesight, it was time to climb me. If she wasn't climbing me, she was attacking me and/or biting me. My kitten loves me, right? Hah.

She was climbing me a fair bit yesterday, too, and I know I need to trim her nails, but of course she's too wound up and full of aggression to allow me to do it, so I have to wait until some other time when she calms down and I can get to her. Which, at the rate we're going, looks like it'll be after one of us is dead. My money's on me.

Then, while I was waiting for the bus, one that I would have liked to take (it would've meant no transferring) drove off without coming to the stop (it was part of a lineup). That was annoying.

I could've gotten out the door much earlier if Thena hadn't slowed me down by attacking me every five steps. Urgh. I just really wish she would just calm down or stop biting me or something. Maybe she'll slow down after she's spayed, but somehow I doubt it. Maybe she got the mean, angry ovaries. :P

And on another Dear Abby note, I present the following for your severe mocking:

DEAR ABBY: What do you do when your daughter tells you she has turned into a lesbian?
My husband and I raised her properly. She was married, but things changed. We are respectable people who try to be loving and kind.

Abby, will our daughter ever "turn around" and realize her biological clock is ticking? Will we ever see grandchildren? -- A MOTHER WHO CARES A LOT

But props to Abby for her reply. It reminds me of that quote I read on bash.org: Obviously gay parents will raise gay children, as straight parents only ever raise straight children.

Okay, so I've stalled for now. I'm going to go sit outside and read and enjoy my sandwiches. Yummy sandwiches for lunch. :)

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