And because I apparently no longer believe in original content, have some bash.org quotes:

(daMehTognoM) Why does Sea World have a seafood restaurant? I'm halfway through my fishburger and I realize that I could be eating a slow learner.

-!- WetWired has joined #linux
<(WetWired) Wow, how... boring.
-!- WetWired has left #linux []
(@supruzr) he's gone. bust out with the clowns and the drugs and the hookers.

(Toasted) and I just found an unopened box of nerds under my bed while cleaning out my dormroom
(Toasted) I don't know whether to be horrified or ecstatic
(mahnchowder) eat them. report back if you suffer any ill effects.
(Toasted) already eating

(RaptorII) Screwing with people's minds is my ultimate pasttime however.
(Supe) Or is it?!

(Wraith) What IP addressing scheme should we use for the new lab?
(Rance) 10.10.220 plus the number...

(MillitePress) Yeah, it's about masturbation and stuff. Weird book.
(jamessheen) whats masturbation
(MillitePress) ...
(Kail) ...
(Nikul) ...
(MillitePress) It's a touchy subject

(ToastyGhost) Yo.
* Brentai joyously rapes ToastyGhost.
* ToastyGhost enjoys it also.
(Defcon) Toasty you fuck.
(ToastyGhost) No, Brentai did. I just stood there.

(Wodan) hi wich langage do u spieak?
(moonsee) heh
(moonsee) apparently not yours

(Mr_Evets) I wonder what would happen if I were to eat some Brine Shrimp
(Mr_Evets) I wonder if they'd mix with the semen in my stomach and create a seaciety
(Sabrejack) yes. they would.
(Mr_Evets) Would they build statues of me and worship me?
(Mr_Evets) Then the other half build statues of something else, worship it
(Mr_Evets) and start suicide bombing each other??
(Sabrejack) quite likely.
(Mr_Evets) Excellent
(Mr_Evets) Because I already ate the brine shimp

*** User Jezus has logged off the chat for idle time (13293 seconds).
(PlanetBob) Wow.. we've been visited by Jezus.. the new..and HIP jesus..

(BonzoBoy) An honorary degree is like a nerf dildo.
(ramoth4) nerf dildos can be fun....sort of
(Equinas) i use a nerf whip
(Equinas) it's part of the Bondage for Beginners set

(Thom) How can a guy be offended by male nudity?
(Thom) Did you have trouble showering?

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