The Aphrodisiac You Should Try Is: Honey

Honey is an ancient aphrodisiac... seen in the Kama Sutra and used by Cleopatra

And honey is even the inspiration for the term honeymoon - where newlyweds drank honey wine

Honey can be found as a the first Viagra in practically every civilazation!

Sweet smelling and smooth, honey is perfect for spreading around naked bodies

What you do with it after that is up to you!

It's often said that the sugar and B vitamins from honey gives you energy to keep going all night...

Try mixing your honey with a little nutmeg, a potion designed to heighten orgasm.

Or mix it with ginger like the ancient Indians did for sexual potency

And if you're looking for a kissable bod, try getting some honey lotion or powder

What Aphrodisiac Should You Try?

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