Man, the Internet is boring. :P

Time to let go of the past, let go of all that stuff and just keep moving forward. I have been, and I haven't been. Time to really just do it.

Thena keeps hiding her toys under my bed. I watched her proudly take a toilet paper roll and disappear under my bed with it. If only she'd stop biting me, I'd love this cat to death. We spent a solid two hours yesterday morning in a cycle of me moving her out of my room 'cause she kept pouncing me on, her yowling and crying, me letting her back in, and the pouncing beginning again. I don't mind if it's my hands or feet, but I get really upset when it's my face. Did I mention I was wielding the spray bottle the entire time? It works and it doesn't. :P

This weekend she bit my neck, and I have a mark there. She's bitten my nose several times. She also bit my nipple, all because I went back on the computer naked after having a shower. :P Many of my books have little teeth marks on them, or holes in their cover (and my phone book's a mess). The spray bottle has tooth marks all over it, and right now she's doing her best on my little kinetic flashlight... argh! If she's teething, she's been doing it forever. :P

She was really bad on Sunday, just aggressive and mean and really bitey, and I thought at first it's 'cause she was mad at me for not being around a lot on Saturday, but maybe it was the weather? Animals can be sensitive to things like that. And the thing is, she's only bad when I'm home. When I'm not at home, I think she sits and reads philosophy, 'cause I can come home and everything's in its place and no problems... but when I'm at home, she tears the toilet paper off the role, chews on my things and races around. Weird cat. *sigh*

Anyhow, I have more to write, but I also have a job-thing to get ready for (and a bed to scavenge under), so I will update from work. Hopefully today will be another quiet day -- Friday was *dead,* but I think I want that again.

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