Because Huzzah is always a good thing to say:

(zealous) I was walking to the mobil gas station this morning to get my ride to work as I do every morning (weekdays anyway) when I decided that instead of walking the long way around I would just jump the little wall (about 3 feet high) and get there quicker, well when I went to jump the wall I started off with my left foot instead of my right like I usually do and I didn't bring my foot up quick enough thus catching the wall and sending me face first
(zealous) into the ground but somehow I managed to do some wild ninja tuck and roll things ending up on my feet and staring at some guy who was quite bugged eyed so I just raised my arms in a "v" and yelled hazah at the top of my lungs

And another:

(sean) though south keys is disgustingly expensive, it's right beside an O-Train station and has a bulk barn next door
(xmatt) O-Train sounds like some weird sexual innuendo.
(adam) it's all in your head, matt.
(xmatt) "I might take her for a ride on the O-Train. Oooh, oooh! Yeah, you know what I mean."

And I just pre-ordered Buffy season 6. Eat it. :)

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