*sigh* Man, do I want to be elsewhere. Ideally, I want to go lie on the lawn in my backyard at my parents' place and nap while the cats roam about me. :)

Urgh. I went outside on my lunch break again and read while I enjoyed the sun. Then I forced myself to go back inside 'cause the wasp(s) was/were terrorizing me, not to mention if I stayed out any longer my butt would be even more numb and I would fall asleep. That last one was really the problem one.

Then I came in and worked on one of my new cross stitches for a bit. It's *majorly* involved, so progress on this thing is going to be stupid slow, but it's going to look fantastic when it's done, and I know I'll feel really good about it. Then I have one more like it, and another on order. I hate myself. :)

Yeesh. Somehow this week I wound up with a social life. I don't know how the hell that happened. What went on? Monday was something ... or nothing. I think it was just quiet. I don't remember now. Tuesday I got together with Mark for his going-away dinner, whereby we ate leftover steak (delicious, btw!), watched Clerks the cartoon, and chatted and acted stupid. Odd tensions and feelings and questions and uncertainties and so on abound in my little head. I was horribly molested that evening, with having my neck and face licked and so on. Ick. And regardless of what he might say, I didn't start anything. I also learned that yes, I can in fact make a first move. Yay, me.

Then I bused home, managing to miss the last really useful bus by about 5 minutes (urgh!), and getting home later than planned... and feeling kinda sick during my travels. I got home to a kitten that was rather pleased to see me (and her dinner), and went to bed basically as soon as I could, barring a few minutes of phone conversation with D, who was home.

Wednesday I had multi-plans; I tagged along on a pho dinner (first one I've actually enjoyed) with Mark, Ben, Eric and Mark's friend C, then went back to my place to meet up with D... and apologize for being late. After a few hours of catching up and pestering each other, I went out for dessert with G, an Italian guy I'd met off Lavalife. As Mark said, I can't pass up those Eye-talians. I got to bed about an hour after I got home, and that took us to Thursday morning, whereby Thena was an absolute terror, and I know it's completely because I wasn't home much for two days running. That element of her behaviour is so easy to see now, and that's why I make a point of not being out late several nights running -- I hate leaving her alone so much.

Thursday night I met B for coffee, had some nice chat and so on. We wandered through Blockbuster while I tried to see if there was anything worth renting, where I also ran into Big A and we said hi a bit. While I waited for D to show up and so on, I took Thena out on her leash and harness, 'cause she enjoys it. We stayed out for almost an hour, and she explored the deck and a bit of the driveway. She got scared when the cars came by, but otherwise was fine, good and independent and so on.

After the second car left, we went back inside and I heated up a chimichanga for supper -- healthy, no? :P D came over and we decided on Strange Days, and then I kicked him out after it was over, which took some doing. It's fun having someone insist that I stay up until 1 every night and that he doesn't need to leave at midnight, despite the fact that my eyes are heavy and I've been stuffed up all week from lack of sleep. :P :)

Thena more or less behaved herself that evening, so I think getting outside with her was a good idea, and one I'll try to keep up especially as the weather gets nicer. In the morning she started waking me up earlier than usual -- I think I woke up and got back to sleep at one point, but from about 6 onwards, she had me awake to some degree or another. The licking, the occasional testing nibble... she's mean.

And then this weekend is going to be the crazy some more... OFK is having his birthday celebration today, so it's Greek food and hanging out tonight... then tomorrow is a haircut, the gym, and gaming in the evening, plus heading out to a bar where an old sorta-teacher of mine is performing, if I can. Sunday is the usual circuit of work and so on... urgh. It will be crazy.

I also need to wash my dishes and ideally get some laundry done at some point, not to mention tidy up all the mail that Thena has seen fit to move about. I need to get my bills and so on sorted and put away -- that's basically all that's around. Argh. I want to move out. :P

Ah well. Hopefully at some point I'll get some time to sit and do some thinking and/or writing. I've been remiss in a lot of my fun habits lately, but it's 'cause it's hard to do many of them with Thena about... not to mention that some days after spending 8 hours in front of the computer trying to amuse myself, I don't necessarily want to go home and do the same. But writing will help me sort out my brain, which isn't such a bad thing in the end.

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