Work? Pah!

01. How many sexual partners have you had?
02. How old are you? 23
03. What is the age of the youngest sexual partner? 18 at the time
04. What about the oldest? 30 at the time
05. Favorite sex food? None
06. Best place you have done it? Gah... most entertaining? Various parks, behind an art gallery, his kitchen table (not so fun after awhile)
07. Favorite position? Puppy-style
08. Worst sex you have ever had? There have been too many... but being stirred rather than fucked was rather irritating
09. Best sex? First time he returned from reading week, or standing up in the basement leaning on the couch, biting my arm (then the blanket) to keep quiet
10. One thing sexually you would not do ever? Children, scat play, water sports, animals
11. Girl/guy with the smallest breasts/penis: *snicker*
12. Biggest breasts/penis? *dopey grin*
13. Favorite celeb breasts/package: No idea
14. Favorite porn star? None come to mind
15. Your bra/penis size? 36 B, typically
16. Spit or swallow? Swallow, usually
17. Ideal breast/penis size? About 7 inches long, thick enough that my hand just fits around
18. How many people have you gone down on?
19. Best sexual feature? Probably my boobs
20. Are you in a relationship? Don’t think so
21. How many times do you have sex per week? Depends on my situation
22. Do you like hairy girls/guys? Kinda
23. Ever had unprotected sex? Yes
24. Ever had sex with a stranger? No
25. Like the idea of casual sex? In theory
26. Ever kissed a member of the same sex, and if yes how many? Yep, and two or three
27. Ever had sex with someone of the same sex? Yep
28. What sexual favor do you like doing the most? Kissing someone’s ears/neck, going down on them
29. How about receiving? Having my neck kissed/bit, nipples played with, oral sex/fingering, getting well fucked... okay, most of it
30. Have you ever gotten drunk and ended up getting frisky with someone? For sure, but only with guys I was already dating
31. If so, who was it and what did you do? Bah, it’s happened with a few different people, and anything from just making out to sex
32. What was your shortest sexual session? 2 minutes (“I just used you for an orgasm”)
33. Longest session? Gah... a few hours? Single session? Two hours? No clue.
34. Place you want to have sex? In a tent, on a washing machine, in one of my workplaces, more outdoor locations...
35. Something stupid people do during foreplay? Stroke the same area for extended periods of time, try to hard to do something with my ears, pinch my nipples without asking if I like it
36. First female celebrity you would have sex with? Angelina Jolie
37. First male celebrity you would have sex with? Altogether now – James Marsters! That man looks like he knows dirty, dirty things... yumm...
40. Ever threw up after going down? Nope
41. Lost your gag reflex? Nope
43. Do you regret anyone? Kinda
45. Longest relationship? Three years
46. Ever dumped someone? Yes
47. Feel bad about it? Yes
48. Ever been dumped? Oh, indeed
49. Had sex while you/she was on the rag? Yep
50. Flashed your naughty bits? Just my bum
51. Flashed for money/gifts? Nope
52. Used whips during sex? Nope
53. Best sex song? Lick, by Joi? Anything with the right beat that I can half-tune out...
54. How many people have given you oral sex?
55. How many people have touched your naughty bits?
56. Favorite brand of condom? I don’t have a favourite, but I hate Trojans
57. Ever done 69, and if so with how many different people? Yep
58. Ever faked an orgasm? Nope
59. Ever had an orgasm during sex? Hehehe.... oh yeah... usually more than one
60. How many people have given you an orgasm? From manual, 3; from oral, 2; from sex, 3
61. Taken nude/sexual photos of yourself? Nope
62. Ever had a fuck buddy? Kinda
63. Ever had a threesome or an orgy? Yep
64. How many sexual partners have your sexual partners had? Yeeesh... hell if I know
65. What have you done with someone of the opposite sex? Ooh, what haven’t I done?
66. Have you ever had sex while high or drunk? Yep
67. Worst thing that has happened to you regarding sex? Getting dumped right after it, getting UTIs, various other problems, some of you know about
68. Ever had an STD? Nope

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