Yeah, you all know were these came from...

(hepkitten) also i appear to have lost my bf
(hepkitten) :<
(kinzillah) "lost"? does he respond to ping?

(Deviant) Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience.

(jesdynf) That's odd. There's an option at the bottom of Yahoo's email composition screen -- I can attach -money- to my email, with "PayDirect" or something.
(jesdynf) Wonder if I should attach a $20 to my resume.

(Ken) Massages are pretty healthy for you.
(Ken) It's a form of preventive medicine
(KageGamer) what about the massages that like the little japanese girl walks on your back
(KageGamer) what if she has long nails on her toes
(KageGamer) wouldnt that hurt?
(DannoHung) In mother russia, YOU walk on little Japanese girl!

(evildoer) EXCERRENT
(Kitsa) what are you babbling on about?
(Kitsa) lol
(Kitsa) ah
(Kitsa) flea market?
(evildoer) yas
(Kitsa) what did you barter, your spelling ability?

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(DracoDanMP) wow sin, you must have some nasty, nasty breathe
(DracoDanMP) you just blew half the channel away with a yawn

(beau) man, i have so much respect for anyone that designs adult web sites
(GodTheMod) its harder than it looks
(xie) Hahahahaha
(beau) i've been sorting through material for my site, and i can't help but get a hard on, and that means much less blood in my head.. i JUST CANT WORK LIKE THAT!

(g-core) Arnold Schwarzenegger has a long 1, Michael J. Fox has a little one, Madonna doesn't have one and the Pope has one but doesn't use it. What is it.
(pip) last name
(pip) no wait
(pip) penis

(evenpar123|Dean) how much is long distance?
(Slant) evenpar123|Dean: Depends on your carrier.
(evenpar123|Dean) Satan
(Slant) 666 cents a minute.

(n2d2) i didnt put bon jovi in the playlist
(n2d2) oh my god
(chaobacca) 11:36:54
(chaobacca) Bon Jovi - Bad Medicine
(n2d2) my bon jovi mp3s have become self-aware

(CptPlanet) wtf? i can't find any lobster fetish sites out there.
(CptPlanet) and you call yourself an internet.

(_Godless_) what can say to the ex that killed a part of you that you'll never get back ... with out souding bitter?

(Spike) Spam email title: "Did you get your dsjtlkasjt today?"
(Spike) Why no, no I did not.

(tuckt26) MD = farm land, DC = Gangs and concrete, VA = Wine, music, and the finer qualities of life
(Calisa) And what would OH stand for?
(aeonite) When you put KY in your VA you go OH.

(Redbeard) I declared my undying love to someone.
(Redbeard) I told her that my love is like the skeleton turtles in Mario.

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