A few weeks ago, Thena discovered a new toy.

She learned that she could jump up and play with the toilet paper on the roll in the bathroom, and amuse herself greatly this way.

Well, Mom did her best to dissuade this behaviour, and sure enough, Thena got used to looking Mom's way if she was going to do it, 'cause if Mom was around, it could mean the squirt bottle.

Thena also likes to play with the plug from the tub. She picks it up in her mouth and runs around with it, before leaving it places, usually in the kitchen.

When Thena was smaller, she could fit under the bathroom door and go in and play without Mom having to let her in. It's been awhile since Mom has seen Thena do this, so when Mom got home today, she opened the bathroom door to let Thena go in and play if she wanted. You see, Mom had forgotten about Thena's habit of playing with the toilet paper, despite Thena having unravelled some just as recently as a day or two ago -- more fool Mom.

Mom was happily typing away at the computer and could hear Thena jumping in the bathroom. Mom thought she was either falling off the sink a lot, trying to jump and climb the towels (another fun game), or just playing in the tub.

Then Mom could hear Thena dragging something into the bedroom behind her. Mom thought this was Thena bringing in a towel, which would have been quite amusing to see, especially as Thena is still quite young. Instead, this was Thena bringing in a length of toilet paper.

In fact, Thena had managed to unravel most of a whole roll of toilet paper. Mom moved it out of the bedroom, shut Thena in there, then took pictures (which will appear later). Then Mom took her remaining plastic Christmas canister and stuck all the toilet paper in there. Mom may have to chase the damn thing down occasionally, but at least Thena can't bury it under Mom's computer desk, which is her current hiding place for her toys (Mom had already discovered beneath her own bed and underneath the night table, which was toys were brought to die/be hidden before).

Of course, because Mom is truly mean in spirit, she was mean to Thena. See, Thena likes to sit between the shower curtains; usually when Mom is in the shower, but sometimes just when Mom is going to the washroom (the toilet being about two inches away from the tub). So Thena was sitting on the edge, and Mom had placed the bathmat on the edge of the tub earlier in the day, so Mom reached out and gave Thena a little push, expecting just to rock her a little. Instead, Thena and the bathmat both slid into the tub. Swoosh!

No harm came to Thena, she didn't fall and her herself, just slid down the porcelain on the bathmat. I just feel bad saying it.

*sigh* I can't wait until she stops gnawing on me. I could totally handle a hyper, misbehaved kitten if it weren't for the gnawing. *sigh* Maybe once she's spayed she'll be nicer. Then every now and then she sleeps on me or she cuddles me and purrs and nuzzles and she's totally adorable. The trick is, once she rolls over on her back, don't rub her stomach -- after a minute or two she uses that as an excuse to gnaw on you. And yet she totally tries to get you to rub her stomach. She's true evil. :P

I know it's my fault for not having been around a whole lot this week, too. I can see changes in her behaviour when I'm not around as much, so I try to keep it to one late night a week, and stay around as much as possible on weekends. I'll detail my weekend later, but suffice it to say that I wasn't home a whole lot on Friday and Saturday, and so that might explain her crazy and unwillingness to let me sleep/sleep in. :P Friday night was the first night in awhile that I locked her out of the bedroom, when I'd gone to bed at 3:30, it was 4:00 o'clock and I was awake 'cause she was bouncing on me. :P

Bedtime now, while I'm on the subject. Shawn, is this another entry for the 17-paragraph update about Buffy award? Oh yeah, speaking of Buffy, I finally got to watch the episode of Angel from last week that I taped. Crazy episode, still haven't a clue how they're going to end the series, partly because I don't feel the same kind of build-up that the final season of Buffy had, or even last season's mishaps with Jasmine. Ah well.

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