Okay, so it doesn't quite rival the adorableness that is the evil Thena, but check out this disgustingly adorable kitten. The colouring is something I've never seen before, I have to admit.

In addition, there is this, to screw with your childhood memories.

Did I mention that last night, as I was laying down, awaiting sleep, Thena decided my eye needed to die? Oh yes, she pounced, her paw got full-on eyeball, and there was pain. I scruffed her and took her to the bathroom while I checked my eye in the mirror -- she was strangely calm as this was going on, and I told her that was quite possibly the worst thing she'd done since I'd gotten her (in retrospect, I think it definitely beats out biting my neck, cheek, chin, and so on) -- and I left her in the living room as I went back to sleep. I didn't yell, I didn't punish, all I said was "ow" at the time and then said she was bad. She didn't even cry until about ten minutes before my alarm this morning, and I let her in for a cuddle. She was good for her usual amount of time, with some light nibbling... then later she started getting wound up and mean. I have to schedule some kitten time this week, otherwise this isn't going to improve.

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