How I spent my weekend... N picked me up from work on Friday, then D and I grabbed some dinner, after which I got together with some of my friends. I got picked up from the bus stop by all of the guys, which had been unexpected, and involved Greg proudly showing off his new tires -- to the point where he was coming up rather short on a stop sign and all of his passengers, myself included, yelled out, "stop sign!" Amusing 'cause it was all of us.

Once I got there, I didn't feel like staying inside, so we all wandered off to the nearby park where by acted stupid and played on the structure. R, N and I wound up spending lots of time running through bushes and alternately hiding and sneaking up on one another, I stole N's shoe at one point... and then N and I got involved in a belt fight that had us whipping each other with our belts. I tore my pants getting up on the play structure at the beginning of the evening, and R and N took both belts and bound my legs together with one and my arms behind my back with the other. I was able to get out of the leg bindings, but the arm ones took some effort.

Greg and JW joined us a bit later, and N and I held round two of the belt fights -- this was after I'd bound his arm to the bench and stood above him tickling him. When we went back to the house around midnight, I wound up dozing in and out on the floor, and gradually it got to the point where it was just S, N, R and myself. The guys (R and N) kept trying to set up orgies, but we were just too tired.

Saturday I got up early to get ready for yoga, but my trainer had left me a message saying she wasn't going, since she'd got in at quarter to 3 (and the class we were going to go to was at 10:45). I was glad for that, since I hadn't gotten home until 2, myself. I did my computer routine, went back to bed, and Thena wasn't too pleased with that -- as per usual. Her idea of sleeping in on weekends is getting up at 8:30. *sigh*

I lazed on the couch for part of the morning, then headed out to the ol' neighbourhood for some softball fun with a bunch of high school friends and other people. I was loud and obnoxious, then I tried to catch the bus to get back downtown to change and so on for the evening plans. Getting home took me over an hour and a half, which further proved my point that what they've done to the bus routes in the ol' neighbourhood is insanely fucked up and very poorly planned. But since no one asked me, I just get drives as often as I can. ;)

Saturday night was gaming, and fun was had. Today is apartment-hunting with OFK (soon to be roommate K, or RK), and then work. Yay. :P

In other news, I've about 98% decided to give up on this whole dating thing. I gave it a few months, nothing terribly exciting happened, and despite meeting one or two guys who liked me, I just don't know. I miss the excitement and wanting to spend time with the boy and so on, and I've decided I'm just going to take myself out until I find someone I'm really excited about. No more of this half-hearted stuff, or settling or whatever. I deserve better and I'm going to wait until I find it.

I've had a few friends relate some stuff about one of my past relationships -- namely a boy who said that he felt things were moving too quickly, or that he was being rushed... and frankly, I find that frustrating as hell to hear, because it was actually him that was moving quickly. He gave me a key to his place, he told me first that he was crazy about me, he was the one that kept cuddling me for an hour or more when I kept protesting I needed a shower... argh. Men. Old news, but still frustrating.

So yeah, I'm just going to wait until I find someone worthwhile. With my luck, well, we've got a long time to go. This subject came up with another friend of mine -- here I am at my age and no real stellar relationships to point to. Some good ones, but those are very old news, which means I don't really count them now. :P

And then every now and then there's a part of me that thinks that the casual, one-night stand might not be that bad... and then I remember some of my no-strings sex experiences and correct myself. Maybe it really is time to run away somewhere and start over.

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