So, yesterday the Government of Ontario saw fit to upgrade my driving status from a G2 to a G. I am now a fully-licensed driver and can drink and drive as I see fit!

Okay, just to be on the safe side, that last part is a joke. I no longer have to worry if I have a drink and later in the evening drive home, but I'm fully-aware that I am a cheap and then sleepy drunk, so drinking and driving will not be a problem for me.

I do plan on running over lots of small children and old people with walkers, though.

Anyhow, I also have a partial ceiling, which makes me happy. I was able to talk at length with the guy doing the work (the same one who originally fixed the water damage that was there when I moved in), and he's comfortable with tossing Thena in the bedroom anytime he comes over to do work, so that means I don't have to keep locking her up. That's a bit of a relief, for sure.

I went to the gym yesterday and did lower body stuff. I was pretty lame, since I hadn't eaten much, but my trainer again mentioned that my legs are looking good, so that's cool. Maybe some time this lifetime I might wind up in shape. :P I also went out and saw Mean Girls last night, and it was a pretty decent movie. Afterwards, did a wander for awhile and then watched some more Gilmore Girls. :)

Oh my, more New Kids on the playlist. Holy crap does this song (Treat Me Right) sound like something that Wham! would do. How deranged was I as a child that I adored 95% of what they put out? Wow.

Anyhow... what else? Not sure where life is going. I'm getting totally disillusioned with this dating thing, so I'm getting to the point where I'm just going to shelve it all and actually be single and so on. I've just found that my energy level for the whole thing isn't there... it's been so long since I was really excited about spending time with someone, and looking forward to hearing from them, feeling comfortable with them... urgh. I don't know.

All this stupid back and forth, these stupid games and so on -- I miss being attracted to someone, and feeling turned on being in their presence. I miss feeling at peace from cuddling with someone and just wanting to be around them, regardless of what we were doing. I miss being late to meet with friends because we wound up having a quickie ("We need to get *you* off before we go!"), or having those inside jokes... I miss kissing someone on their chest or wherever and meaning it, not just doing it... I don't know. *shrug* I'm just not going to keep dating for the sake of dating (which I have and haven't been doing), I want to meet someone that I feel a sort of chemistry with, and work from that.

And finally, this site now has an actual URL. Yayayayay! Actually, so does my other site, but I'll make a mention of that there. For now, the new URL just redirects you to here, but I will be doing an actual full-out move and change and so on sometime soon. So, ladies and gentlemen, please don't hesitate to circulate The Litterbox's new URL...


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