Notes from the evening:

1. Next time, more cleavage.
2. Knowing the bartender (sp? too drunk to care) is good.
3. Apparently, I can attract guys... it's just a shame that they're not the ones I find attractive.
4. Dirty-dancing with strangers is funny.
5. I might have gotten an article out of the evening.
6. Time for bed, methinks.
7. Will eventually manage to post pictures of the new haircut.
8. I take an *amazing* amount of bad pictures. *Man* am I butt-monkey ugly.
9. I miss you right now and wish I could hold you and make love to you. And trust me, that's not just the alcohol talking.
10. Having dinner is a good idea before going out drinking.
11. I still manage to be quite coherent in my typing when I've had alcohol. I'm not as drunk as when Ben and I went out, but still... I feel no pain. :)
12. Drunk guys who are trying to impress you with their sexual exploits are funny.
13. Drunk guys are funny.
14. I hate bar bathrooms.
15. Now I smell like someone's cologne. Damn.
16. Unscheduled evenings out are fun. :)

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