Okay, so I'm not to be trusted with a water bottle, it would seem. I've managed to knock mine over twice so far in the space of a few minutes. Rather dumb.

This week is the week of meetings. *sigh* I have a two-hour long immediate staff members meeting tomorrow, then a 30-minute (or so) strategic meeting on Wednesday, plus a two-hour learning session in the afternoon, and Thursday is an all-day meeting for all staff. I am *not* looking forward to that one... all day meetings bite, big time. Argh.

The weekend itself was pretty decent, though (I now finally have some time to sit and write). Who'd've thought that some random musings would turn into huge comment back-and-forths like that? Who'd've thought that so many people would take offense at me being grossed out by old guys hitting on me? :)

Anyhow, the weekend. I got out Friday night to see Harry Potter 3, and I rather enjoyed it. I thought it was better-done than the second movie, for sure... D, on the other hand, said he would’ve preferred to rent it. Admittedly, it’s two different people and their interests are quite different, but... there you have it. YMMV, and so on. After that it was just a fairly quiet night, nothing much was going on.

Saturday I got up and had my run, and I was cheating a little bit. I was having trouble breathing at times, so I spent two minutes walking in between each stretch of running, rather than just one. It probably didn’t help that I was running at 11 in the morning, when it was already fairly warm. I picked up some fruits on my way home, so I now have at my disposal apricots, peaches, nectarines, lychee fruit, a mango, and assorted berries. I’m trying new things out – I’ve never had apricots on their own, nor have I had mango (to my knowledge). When I was younger, I loved canned peaches, but I was never terribly big on eating them fresh; the flavour was different, and I wasn’t huge on the fuzzy peel. It’s weird eating apricots for the same reason, but once I get going, it’s not a problem.

Anyhow, later that afternoon, I went out and got my hair cut. D ran up to me while I was waiting for my bus to say hi and tell me of his inability to meet up with his friend for lunch. My hair dresser had taken sick, so I got rescheduled to another lady at the other location... which I didn’t realize when I showed up for my appointment. The receptionist got in his car and he drove me over to the other location, and I promptly got my hair cut. I think I’m pretty pleased with what she did to it, although it’s still going to take some getting used to for styling and so on.

I walked slowly home, stopping at Starbucks for a chocolate drink and then Wendy’s for an early dinner. I got home, got sick, then spent the evening mellowly lying about with the demon beast. Around 11 I decided to go out and see if my gf D was working at the nearby bar; sure enough, she was. I spent the evening alternately talking to her and the guys who were hitting on her and the other bartender (a friend of hers) and wandering out to the dance floor area to look around.

Here’s where I feel the need to explain my comments made , I’d like to point out, at 2:30 in the morning on two drinks and an empty stomach (my dinner at 4 was the last thing I ate that day, partly from feeling like crap and also partly from not being especially hungry). So, yes, my claiming that I was dirty-dancing with strangers was written wrong and interpreted as such. In reality, I danced with two different people, and for the most part, especially with the second guy, I was barely touching him during the course of the dance. Unlike many of the girls I saw out on the dance floor, I wasn’t trying to mate with someone through their clothes – it was essentially a case of dancing with someone, swaying my hips and occasionally twisting down to be closer to the ground, in tandem. Very boring, and I’m a horrible dancer anyhow. While I’m thinking of it, he was the same guy that I think thought I was a lesbian; I mentioned that I’d dropped by to say hi to my girlfriends, who were bartending, and he asked if she’d be jealous about us dancing. It amused me. :)

So yes, there was my evening. Towards the end of it, one of the guys hanging around D took a shine to me, and spent about twenty minutes straight regaling me with tales of his sexual exploits... ‘cause I guess I’m going to find it impressive to learn that this guy has been in the mile-high club and had sex with another girl’s aunt, who was 35, and while not very good-looking, had a really hot body. His words. *shrug* Not that I care, but I guess I’m reaching a point where I’m finding all this focus on sex and so on to be rather dull... I’ve had people try to start up conversations about sex and I just shut it down, or simply ignore it. Maybe that’s why I’m having such trouble getting an article together for the Whore’s Boudoir. :P

And a few random things before I forget: bartender friend D molested my boob at one point, which amused me; the guy trying to impress me was convinced she and I had slept together; one of the lavalife old men called me a dumb cunt and a few other insults after I insulted him... the funny part was simply that it took him about 10 minutes to come up with a rather mediocre insult.

Also, it’s a bad idea for me to have gotten a good quality phone. I’ve just downloaded a new background, a new ringtone, and a new game, and I think I’m going back to get another game I saw that looked fun. One second... Okay, make that two games, two ringtones, and one background. Yep, I’m a loser. However, now I can get rid of the chicken dance theme, to the delight (and relief) of my friends. :)

So yes, Saturday night was a restless one, with my eyes streaming all night from the make-up I’d neglected to remove. I used to be able to get away with that when I was younger, but not so much now. I finally got up around 11, lounged about for awhile and shook off the mild lingering bleah feelings from drinking the night before, then went out to lunch with an LL boy. Afterwards, hit up the used book store where some of my former bookstore coworkers dropped in and said hi as they left work, and I headed over for my own evening of work.

Work was fairly uneventful. It appears they’ve finally blocked off all the MSN access, so I wasn’t able to do any chatting all evening. Instead, I just wound up reading for awhile and then working on Ben’s (much belated) birthday gift for a bit longer. D swung by for about the last hour, then walked me home and helped me cut Thena’s nails, which was a good thing. They hadn’t gotten awful, but they did need the trimming. Isn’t my life exciting? :)

Anyhow, now it’s time to head out and get to the gym. I think my enthusiasm for my life has waned. I’m feeling paranoid about a friend of mine, I’m feeling sloppy, gross and fat, and I’m all “what’s the point of working out?” right now. I need a keeper, someone who can make me nice meals and make sure I eat properly. Okay, I just need to take accountability for my own actions, that too. :)

Back to reading HP 5. :)

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