Ben showed me a funky BBC site that has all kinds of neat tests on it, including some nonverbal tests that have made my scattered brain want to focus once again on nonverbal communication (this week I've gone from focusing on or wanting to focus on things from calculus to programming to gaming to logic problems to reading to watching tv shows and so on). Anyhow, we both did the morality test at the same time, and here's what I've turned up:

46116 people have completed this questionaire so far.

You scored 37.5 out of a total of 44.

Audience's Scores
1 % 1 % 32 % 66 %

1%: 0-11
1%: 12-22
32%: 23-33
66%: 34-44

My Results
Your score puts you in the highest category of social reasoning. You will see ethical and moral values as important to the needs of society and will appeal to basic rights or values. You might say "Honesty is a standard which everyone should accept" or "Life is sacred."

Conformity to ethical norms is important to you, in terms of a responsibility, obligation or commitment for all individuals, although you may be willing to consider exceptions in some particular circumstances. You are likely to suggest that with entitlement or privilege comes responsibility.

You will appeal to considerations of responsible character or integrity in others, preferring a consistent or standard practice of behaviour in order to avoid damage to social institutions such as the legal system.

However, you will want to see an adjusted case-by-case application of standards for the sake of fairness to all people. Lastly, you are very likely to appeal to standards of individual or personal conscience, as well as of honour, dignity or integrity.

I find my results (extrovert was another one of the funny ones, too) amusing. I've always figured myself for introverted (although on the Myers-Briggs test, I scored right down the centre on the first three characteristics, slightly leaning to one direction in each of them) and immoral. Very, very immoral. But apparently, I hold myself -- and others -- to a different kind of moral code. Who knew?

Also, the comedy central site listing clips from the Daily Show is fabulous. I highly recommend the Freedom of Oppression clip and the Boys in the Ban clip (found under headlines. Go. Laugh.

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