I had a dream last night that I had gone to a spa with Charlotte York from Sex in the City, and a few other women. We were getting ready for someone's wedding, and then it morphed from that into some kind of weird cheerleading/lip syncing competition that we were in, but forever awaiting our turn.

Then, Greg (the DNA guy) and a few other people from CSI turned up, and I was really certain that Greg was trying to work up the nerve to ask me out, but we kept getting interrupted.

Then they were tearing down the stage for the competition without our team having participated and Greg never got around to asking me out, and I was disappointed.

While this was going on, Thena was jumping on me and waking me up, but I kept managing to get back into the dream, which was cool. I think she was dive-bombing me from the tops of the boxes at the foot of the bed at times. I know she hauled some stuff around that was on the bookcases and is now accessible, due to the aforementioned boxes.

She also wanted to be cuddled around 4:30 a.m., and although I did sleep after that point, it was in fits in spurts. I know she pounced on my face at one point, and I think it was that that split my lip (only slightly; they were dried out from breathing through my mouth I'm sure, so the pressure probably was all it took). Then, this morning, she did another escape -- this time from the top of the little bookcase I have beside the door. She took a flying leap from there outside and into the grass, which is where I grabbed her. I wasn't super-kind either, I grabbed her by the scruff and picked her up. Don't worry, this doesn't hurt her and so on and so forth.

She was being bad all morning, too, biting me and attacking me the whole time I was trying to get ready. I was already in a bit of a cranky mood, since I hadn't gotten a good night's sleep -- and I'd tried, going to bed at 10:30 and feeling worn out even before that point -- and I was running behind, not having gotten out of bed until nearly 10 after 8. Not that I minded being late so much.

Ah well. I've also decided to learn how to do some programming, I think. I was solving calculus equations today at work, getting back some of my high school math abilities. :)

I finished Angels and Demons, Dan Brown's first book, yesterday. The other one of his that's out in paperback is slowly winging its way to me -- according to the tracking information, it's currently being sorted in Toronto. It shipped out on Friday, so now I'm grumpy that it's taking so long (other shipments have made it in two days, I want to whine).

Yesterday I did a pretty uber workout at the gym. My trainer and I are only going to meet once a week now, but I'm going in on my own at least one other day a week on my own. She's going to leave me things to do. :) But together, we're doing the big, compound things, the ones that need guidance to do properly. She was all proud of me yesterday for doing major squats; I'm up to a pretty decent weight (we did 110 lbs. yesterday, if memory serves), and I still come right down and do full sets and so on. Same thing for deadlifts and shoulders, and even my benching is getting up there.

I don't tend to pay attention to the weight that I'm doing. I mean, I'll notice if my trainer's put more weight on it more often than not, but I don't look at the numbers, otherwise I'll start getting wigged. Although the last time we did major legs, I did do 410 lbs. on the machine, which was pretty cool. Lookit me go. *flex*

I was sweating a lot yesterday, obviously. :)

Of course, now that I'm seeing effects of the working out, I want to do more and I want to have it all show up now. :) I did yoga last week, and that's something I wouldn't mind continuing, depending on how it factors into my schedule -- stupid Wednesday night Pho nights. Mind you, once running ends at the end of the month, that'll open things up a bit more for me, which'll be nice.

Anyhow, off to do some logic or word problems to continue my brain sharpening. This is how I am with my hobbies -- I go through phases. For a few weeks it's word puzzles, then a few other weeks it's knitting or something. I envy people with concentration and focus. :P

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