I'm a crazy writing machine! New update on Whore's Boudoir, which I actually wrote weeks ago. I've also written some other stuff, but it's not on here. :)

Time for lunch and more reading. I have to admit, my dad and various other people were right; Dan Brown does write well. Of course, sometimes the hook at the end of every chapter gets tiresome, but the story itself is fairly compelling. For those of you who don't recognize the name, he's the guy behind The DaVinci Code. Right now, I'm reading Deception Point, though -- it was the only title of his that the used book store had in stock, and I couldn't afford to go to the Rich People's Bookstore... I'm po'.

From the sounds and feel of things, I'll be skipping running tonight. Instead, I'll feel yucky for awhile and then get together with Markuk for a drink.

I'm very tired right now, but on the plus side, Thena was fairly nice to me overnight. I had the fan running, and I think she's getting used to it -- either that, or resigned to it. I got some cuddle time in this morning from her, and she didn't wake me up by biting my toes and pouncing on me. She tends to save that kind of wake up for somewhere between 8 and 9 typically, although while I was on vacation I got those wake ups between 6 and 7, too. My kitten loves me so. :P

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