So yesterday I made a *lot* of phone calls and did my best to get everything set up for the move. One of these things involved testing out the idea of digital cable.

Yeah, I know, I know. I figured I'd give it a shot for two months (with the free channels and so on) and if I really hate it or didn't find it gave any kind of advantage, then I'd just drop back to regular cable and return the terminal.

Anyhow, I got everything set up with the minimum of fuss and I felt like a technological wizard, as I am. :) Granted, everything still pretty much uses its own remote to work (i.e, I need the tv remote to work the vcr, since it's all one piece, and I need the TV and DVD remotes to work the DVD player, since the TV changes the feed in and the DVD isn't accessible through the universal remote), but for now it's all working and it's all good. I still can't watch a different channel than the one I'm taping, but if I ever get around to getting a full-sized tv and a separate VCR, I can make this work. :)


What else? I worked out with my trainer last night, and we started out on triceps. Argh. Triceps are usually the muscle we work out last when we do upper body, since it's one of the smaller ones (at least on me), but she said she wants to change up my routine, so tomorrow there's going to be some sort of crazy legs and back combination day.

There's a couple that works out at the same time as she and I do, and we watch them to point out the mistakes that they're making. I feel bad, but it's kinda funny when my trainer asks me, "So, what is she doing wrong now?" and I can spot some of it. I think part of the problem is that she's being trained by her boyfriend, and while he has the flexibility/strength/endurance to do some of the moves, she's not at that point yet. Plus, while he knows how to do the exercises, he doesn't know how to instruct her in proper form; chest out, back straight, don't extend your knees past your toes, whatever is appropriate for each exercise.

Aside: Man, do I get a long of wrong numbers on my cell phone. Argh.

Continuing... I find it amusing when people advise me on my work outs. If I grumble about having sore muscles or something, invariably there's someone that's going to speak up and tell me how I should be changing my work out in some way or another: more reps with lighter weights; not pushing myself as much; working out less, or something. I know even between trainers they have different opinions on the best ways to do things, but I'm inclined to follow my trainer's advice and just do what my body tells me it can or will do. Usually telling someone I work out with a trainer is enough for them to stop with the advice. *grin* But regardless, working out with her has produced results and I can see the changes it's wrought in my body and so on, so I think I can quite happily continue in this vein.

I was up and out the door at a reasonable hour yesterday, so I stopped by the gym to drop my gear off so I didn't have to schlepp it to and from work as I usually do. My trainer saw me at the desk with my hair (just put up, so it was still looking good) and in a dress (for the nice warm weather yesterday), and was teasing me later that day about being a girly-girl. She also said that I looked good in a dress. :)

What other nonsense can I spew? Well, my speech writer coworker is leaving at the end of the month on secondment. I'm happy for him, and I'm curious what this is going to mean for me. At this point, I haven't the faintest. Maybe I can bully it into more money for me, which would be quite welcome (seeing as how my rent is going up by about $300 per month as of August), but that might also mean I'd have to actually regularly write speeches from here on out. I haven't the faintest. Mind you, if it's no longer a split position, I might be able to get the step up anyhow... really not sure. We shall see, I guess. It also doesn't help that we lack any idea of when we're getting a new minister, or what his or her requirements will be... Hooray for uncertainty.

I am slightly less enthusiastic about my protein shake today, despite the fact that it still tastes good. My body is just being stupid at me, so that's not helping.

Oh yeah, gotta badger the stupid insurance guy again, seeing as how he never called me back yesterday. Otherwise, if there's any mail or whatnot I've forgotten, Canada Post is set up to forward it to my new place for 6 months anyhow, so I can make sure I make the changes.

I'm going to have one of those super mailbox thingys when I move. My mom's parents always had one of them and I always thought it was so cool when I was growing up... now I have one all for myself. It'll make checking my mail a bit easier, since I won't have to stand on my stoop to try to peek into the mailbox, a problem that I've had at both of my living quarters. :) But it's still great being short, let me tell you. :)

Anyhow, for anyone who's managed to read down this far, I have a formal announcement to make.

Read This

If you live in my city and are willing to help, I'm moving starting July 31st. I'm hoping to get all of the major moving done on this day, so I don't anticipate recruiting help for any other day.

Anyhow, for anyone that's willing to pitch in and help me move, I'd certainly welcome the help. I'm not asking for all-day commitments or vehicles, although if you can supply those, all the better. My current places are about a ten-minute drive apart or less, so it's not far to go, there's just going to be boxes to load and unload.

In terms of major furniture pieces, that's not awful either. At this point the worst pieces are a student desk, two large bookshelves, and a sofa bed. Mostly, it's going to be boxes. :)

So... if you'd like to pitch in and help, please phone me or email me. Rest assured, I expect no help, especially since I haven't helped anyone move myself, but it's certainly welcomed, and will be rewarded -- I'm thinking beer, pop and pizza for anyone who is around at mealtime. :)

Once I get a bit closer to, I'll have some more details, but for now, them's it.

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