Well, I think this might work out okay. I'm still constantly running over various details in my mind on a regular basis, but overall... I think it'll be okay.

I'll be running over a bunch of stuff on my own this morning; mainly the things that are living or electronic and aren't properly wrapped. Mom's got some more cartons for me, so that'll help out with the dishes and food -- at this point, many of the dishes are going to get stacked in dresser drawers and brought over that way, it seems.

I find it amusing that if I sent my MSN title to "Packing. Fuck off." and even set my status to busy, some people think it means "She's busy to everyone but me, for whom she will drop everything she's doing and chat at great length!" Gah.

Also, the cat decided that me moving the mattress around was purely for her entertainment and not an attempt to move it and the box spring off the frame so I could disassemble it. Finally, one of the screws that attaches the frame together isn't the right one, so it didn't have a slot or phillips opening in it and it involved me alternately hammering and cursing at the stupid wingnut until I could get it to move. Pliers weren't much help until I got the hammer involved. When all you have is a hammer and pliers, everything looks hammerable. That's my new proverb.

Once I got that sorted out, everything else came a bit more easily. Something I'd noticed before but was driven home as I was taking it apart was just how badly slanted my floors are; my bed was on 2-inch blocks on one side to keep the angle about level, and the headboard itself never actually touched the floor. It sat about 2 inches above the floor. Oh yes, my apartment was quite the *fantastic* place.

I went through last night and took a bunch of pictures of the place that I'll probably post at some point. It's hard to get a good idea of the dimensions of the place (although people like Markuk will go on at great length about just how small it was :P), and it's really hard to get an idea of how it was decorated, what with all of the boxes and stuff piled around, but... I don't know. Maybe I'm feeling nostalgic and romanticizing the place, but I managed okay there for a year.

It's weird to think I've been out and on my own for almost a year already. One thing my various diverse groups of friends has taught me is that everyone matures and does their own thing at their own pace. I have friends who've been living on their own since they were 17 or 18, and I have others who are still living at home at 24 and up, with no signs of moving out. There are advantages to all of it, and while I think I could probably move home if I had to, with any luck I won't wind up in any situations where I'd have to.

My neighbour and I spent a few hours yesterday just chatting and trading war stories on my landlord. Man, as I said before, I got off really lucky in most of that. The neighbour also shared my grouchings with the real estate agent and her ilk, so I feel good about my anger. :)

Hopefully the new landlords will be good. I got my key to the new place last night, and the real estate agent with whom I work told me to check out the appliances and so on and let him know if anything didn't work. I didn't tell him I had a few loads of laundry already lined up to go. :) He was also a bit annoyed because they hadn't cleaned the bathrooms, but since I'd planned on doing that anyhow, it wasn't that big of a deal.

Urgh, so much to remember. I have to start making my lists very soon. Fortunately, I am once again in the money, so I can afford to do things like buy a shower curtain or groceries. Urgh. I need groceries rather desperately.

Anyhow, as of about an hour from now or so, I will be without internet access until mid-day Saturday. All I ask is that if anyone needs to get in touch with me between now and then that they call my cell. I'm having to change phone numbers along with addresses, and the new number won't be active until Saturday morning.

Aside from that, let's hope I keep the smashing of other objects, fingers, toes and sanity down to a bare minimum. :)

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