I have my computer and modem set up. I have two beds set up without sheets. I have a dresser with one drawer not yet in. My pantry is stocked, my dishes are washed, my bathrooms are half-ready, my living room is sorta ready (t.v. and dvd player are set up!) and life is starting to be a bit more settled in.

I've slept on the couch the last two nights, and Thena has slept on me. :) She starts out on the bookcase that's temporarily beside me, then moves on to me sometime in the night. This morning she bit my elbow to wake me up, I seem to recall. It kinda worked and kinda didn't.

I bought her a toy that hangs on the doorknob and is called a 'knob goblin.' The one I got is in the shape of a flamingo and has some fluffy parts for the ruff around its neck. She likes it and abuses it, and looks quite funny doing so.

I felt really bad on Friday, 'cause not only did I severely abuse the generosity of Stefan and his friend with the truck (yet another J name), but I also moved Thena first thing, and the city traffic was enough to stress her out a lot. She was panting and fought her way out of the cage just as I pulled up to the door, and I noticed later that she'd shredded some of the plastic off the inside of the cage.

I got her in and she eventually found her way to the small bathroom and huddled up on the counter in the dark. I tried to spend some time with her to console her, try to get her to drink some water and so on, but she was still quite stressed out. She's doing much better now, and though she still tends to hide under the couch when things get noisy (like if I'm running the dishwasher or dragging boxes around -- oddly enough, she doesn't seem to mind the building of furniture as much), she's pretty much back to being herself, evil demon spawn that she is. :)

My dad was over yesterday and gave his seal of approval to the place. Greg and Madeleine also did a tour Friday night and said nice things about it. I'd really like to change the colour of the paint in a few rooms, and I might even do that once I get set up properly.

Anyhow, it's time to grab a shower and meet up with Stefan, whom I'm treating to some tasty breakfast/lunch. I haven't eaten and I'm starving. :P

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