I started Flowers for Algernon yesterday and finished it today. Good book; didn't really get me thinking about things any differently than I did before, but the story was well-told. I was thinking as I was reading it, "If I ever have a mentally disabled (is that the proper pc-term now?) child, I'm going to be much nicer to him!" Then, on my walk home from my bus stop, I was being followed by someone of some mental disability, who was trying to convince me to go to a book fair that was being held only today and right nearby. As I walked home, my route happened to partially mimic that of the route to get to the book fair, and I could hear him behind me, rattling off directions; I didn't want to know if he was talking to himself and me, and just hoped that he wasn't planning on following me to my door. Fortunately, he didn't.

Irony is weird sometimes.

Thena had her first encounter with another cat the other day, while out on her harness. She dealt with it by bravely hiding under the discarded door until I let her in -- just moments after I heard the cat screech/hiss combination. Her attitude was fine, but her toes were a bit sweaty, so she did get stressed by it.

Yesterday Stefan and Jenn came by to pick up boxes, and a moth got in. There was great amusement had as we watched Thena track, poke, lose, poke some more, lose again, and eventually eat the hapless moth. Right now she's tracking some fly or another that managed to get in the apartment. She's got a good eye -- there've been several times she's swiped at something I can't see.

I got my hair cut today, and it's gotten even shorter than ever. My hairdresser described it as a pixie cut; I have more hair than I would've thought for a pixie cut, but I'll be able to figure it out better once I've washed it and styled it myself. She said next time I might go for the mini-pixie, but we'll see. :) After all, we're getting into winter a little too soon, and that's a bad time to have no hair.

I appear to be coming down with a cold, which is of course, perfect timing, given the festivities to be had on Saturday. It seems to be staying somewhat mild, and I can only hope it continues in this manner. Otherwise, I'll be the one passed out in bed, while the party happens around me. :)

I discovered while giving Stefan and Jenn the tour of my place yesterday that I still have a box of books that needs to find a home. I also have old textbooks that never got placed anywhere, so I guess that makes two boxes -- not to mention that there are three shelves that are doubled up that could stand not to be. Urgh, I own way too many books.

Big stuff going on at work, at least in terms of importance. Vaguely scary to be the only peon in on the meeting with all of the bigwigs next week, but at least I'll have a speech writer there with me. I'll still be the youngest by probably at least 20 years or so, but still... I'm cute. That'll carry me through, somehow.


Anyhow, time to be getting to bed, I think. I'll try and get some pics of the hairdo and maybe get them posted later. I've got a bunch of stuff to get off my camera, and I want to take some into a photography place to get them properly printed.

Oh yeah, and as an update -- the kitten has gone to another home. I'm a somewhat relieved to hear it, since this means I get to go pick out a little boy kitty (if I find one I like) and/or a tabby (if I find one I like). Plus, no kitten getting uber-stressed by a bunch of people coming and going.

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