You know you're getting old when they tell you to change the way you brush your teeth, so as to prevent your gums from continuing to recede. Yeesh.

The party, she was a success. Lasagna was consumed and enjoyed, the squares were eaten and praised, and there was a fabulous collection of food fusion -- we had Italian, Indian, Lebanese, Greek... good times.

The cat also got lots of attention and play, and only sometimes acted like a brat. When the party was at its fullest, I put her out on her leash a few times, which she wanted. For the most part, people were having fun playing with her various toys on a stick and her. One toy in particular saw a lot of use, and she spent time on Sunday picking it up and bringing it to me, which was adorable. :)

One of the entertaining parts of the evening was sitting out on my front stoop with a few people, hearing about how R proposed to N (hugely involved story, just awesome), then R and I (and then male N to me) spent time hitting each other with the birthday present male N made me. We could hear music coming from the building across the street, so S asked where the gay disco was taking place. We didn't see anyone dancing, unfortunately, but we did establish that the place seemed primarily inhabited by men.

This weekend I'm hoping to pick out a new kitten. I might like to get out to the Humane Society early to look and see what they have. Maybe tonight. I might also apply to foster animals -- wouldn't it be cool to foster a mom and her babies? :)

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