I'm covered in little bruises from moving and so on, and I have a really nice one on the back of my calf with no recollection whatsoever as to how it got there.

Lee, thanks for the advice and such regarding moving -- I'd wondered where you'd gone!

My fingers and wrist are still sore, but they're improving. I managed to assemble my night table yesterday and I even made up my new bed and slept in it last night (no more couch sleeping for me!). Thena seemed to enjoy the extra room, and she had a blast attacking me all evening. I guess this means she's feeling better. Yay.

I treated Stefan to breakfast at Cora's yesterday (around quarter after 2 in the afternoon) and then ran random errands; returned some sheets I'd bought, bought another fan, then headed out to the parents' place to do some high-quality Winners and Wal-Mart shopping with Mom. Spent a lot of money, blah blah blah... dinner at the house was quite appreciated, then the whole family came down en masse to check out my new place.

Dad had seen it from weekend treks, but Mom hadn't, and the sister never saw my old place, let alone my new one. Sister also got to meet Thena, who hung around a surprising amount, although she got spooked with the sliding boxes again. The last time Mom had seen Thena was the day I got the little beast, so she's obviously changed a little bit since. I got out one of her feather toys and Mom kept bashing Thena in the head with it. Isn't my family great? :)

What other big news? Well, I've been informed that the two major car accidents my parents have had were both my fault. The first one, when I was about 2 or 3 years old was my fault because they were going out for ice cream for me; the most recent one, on Friday night, was because they were going to my old apartment to help me take down cupboards and do the final move.

Yes, my folks got in a car accident on Friday. It kinda put things in perspective for me for the day, although it didn't really get rid of my hunger, give me a shower or get rid of the headache. Anyhow, the important thing is that they're both fine and the car's probably going to0 be fine, too. The short version of it is that they were clobbered by a cabbie who ran a red light. The guy copped to doing about 75 km/h, and Dad says he was probably doing about 50 km/h. The front right part of Dad's car (Mom's side) hit the back left panel of the cabbie. Dad's car got spun around and they wound up facing the wrong way down the street (so, 180 degrees), and travelled backwards probably another five to ten feet. As Dad put it, they were in the intersection when they got hit; by the time the car stopped travelling backwards, they were resting in the crosswalk (although there wasn't actually one at this intersection).

Dad says he was surprised by how rattled Mom was, but I kinda wasn't; for one, it hit her part of the car, and (what I just thought of now), when you're not driving the vehicle, accidents are a bit more scary 'cause you're having to rely on the other person to keep you from dying, and for two, well, ever since losing Mike last year, "car accident" has had a much heavier meaning in our family.

I know Dad had a bit of a momo-moment himself, 'cause he was the one that handed my mom his phone and told her to call me. The phone call from her basically consisted of her telling me they'd had an accident, they were fine, and then I heard Dad in the background saying, "Well, give me the phone back so I can call the cops" and then Mom hurriedly got off the phone. Dad told me later that he brain farted and told her to call me, then realized he needed to call 911... Adrenaline really fucks you up. :)

So what else? I went out Saturday night with the crew for Japanese food for Greg's birthday. We reassembled at their place for cupcakes, then they headed off to pool and I finished putting together my dresser. At that point it was just the drawers that needed assembling, but they were annoying enough as it was. Bah. I both love and loathe IKEA furniture; the pain of the Allen keys and the misery of the construction had worn off, but now... now it's back. Although my dresser and nighttable hadn't required Allen keys, so that was nice. I'm fairly certain the kitchen chairs will be another matter. :P

And now, for your viewing pleasure, some pictures. And few more. :)

Okay, I'm almost done.

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