Yay, season 2 of Gilmore Girls is on its way out. Still a ways away, but... in the meantime, I'll get season 4 of Angel and I think season 7 of Buffy will be due out somewhere-ish in there. I'll have tv on DVD to watch; I still have all kinds that I haven't touched (Futurama, season 1 of Friends, Firefly)... the winter months will be all set. :)

I had a dream last night that there was someone in my room and they were about to rape me or something. I woke up and was trying to protest this turn of events or something, but was also half-asleep, so I made some noise akin to "Meuh." I think it scared him off.

I also woke up around 3:30, thinking it was past time that my alarm had gone off and wondering why the cat hadn't started nuzzling me. For a change, I was the one to wake her in the middle of the night to pat her. :)

Thena amuses me; she's like Pavlov's dogs, except here it's Jen X's cats. Whenever my alarm clock goes off, 99% of the time she comes racing over for a cuddle. My sister spent the night last week, and both times the alarm went off, Thena went racing in for a nuzzle. She also likes to nuzzle and lick Mark's armpits; of course, she follows that up with a nip or two, but before that, it's pretty damn funny.

Sunday night I was sleeping at the very edge of my bed, with less than a foot between myself and the end of it, and Thena was stretched out with me in that space. She's a funny little monkey, but every now and then she seems to like me, which is nice.

I also got my printer hooked up yesterday, so I printed out some nice colour shots of Thena. The printer quality isn't equal to that of the pictures, but they still look nice, and I think I'm going to go ahead and either get the printer dock for my digicam, or bring in a CD of pics to Black's or something and print out my nice shots so I can frame them and hang them.

I've told some of my friends and family that I want to decorate my walls with pictures of them. So, this is a call-out; send me pictures of yourself so I can put them up! :)

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