I wrote a haiku last night at work to express my frustration at the CD cases I need going missing; rage wasn't getting anywhere, so why couldn't poetry do the deed?

That turned into a haiku-off between a friend and I. So now, I present to you, our duelling haikus:

Him (on using a haiku to express my frustration):
I commend your taste,
Haiku is the highest form
of divine writing.

From there, we segued into a discussion about Napoleon Dynamite, and how the guy had decent luck with women, vs. my friend at the same age:

'cause my mad love skills
matured in a late season
I date younger women. ;)

Cradle-robber you
Are we worry about
you getting caught soon

I only date chicks
who look like they're at the age
of majority

No high-school girls here,
to get past my bouncers, you
Must have good ID. :)

"look like" isn't the
same as being that old you
know; dirty old man

Eighty or eighteen,
as long as they have the parts,
I will do the deed.

As promised... that one's going to haunt him. :)

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