Okay, so, I'm annoyed that work has decided to block livejournal now -- now I can't read my friend's pages when I'm at work. I used to save it for when I was here, since it was a way of distracting myself when the day was dull, but...

Mind you, that was also back in the day when people used to update their sites. Urgh. Webcomics and news pages are about my only saviours now, and that's something for which I have a limited attention span.

However, I am drinking some pretty decent (and cheap!) hot chocolate, so that makes life okay.

There are work things going on that I don't really know anything about, that I of course and being uber-paranoid about, because I am a loser in that regard. I am supposedly hearing about what's going on sometime soonish, but until I hear and find out whether or not it would be a good or a bad thing, I will assume the worst. I am a loser.

Speaking of being a loser, on to the cats. Thena is now eating more or less regularly; I got her to eat treats and dry food the other day by throwing them for her, which was fun. She didn't eat a lot that way, but it was more than before -- it seemed to take knowing that it was food and probably also being able to smell it a bit before she could eat it.

Now for the weird story: I have a small litterbox in the bedroom for when I shut Venus up when I'm away. Thena sometimes uses it, which is funny as hell to watch, since she's too big for it -- she'll turn around in circles, trying to find a place to get all of her parts in at once, and it really doesn't work that well. Anyhow, yesterday she was busy poking at a poo that was in the box, and it looked like she was trying to pick it up in her mouth. I told her she was weird, left the room for some reason or another, and when I came back later, she had some of it a few feet away from the box. I put it in the garbage, and even later in the evening, when I was wandering around while on the phone, I discovered she'd moved another piece beside her scratching post. I have *no* explanation for this, unless it's merely a case of something she can finally smell and this is exciting to her, but regardless, it's a funny-weird kind of story.

Venus has also been taking advantage of feeling better to torment Thena. Today Thena was more active and was fighting back, but it’s kinda funny to watch the big cat run into a room, being pursued by the little one. Venus has also found a piece of thin cardboard (that used to be wrapped around a hanging scratching thing I bought her), and uses this is as a sled of sorts – she’ll run and dive-bomb it, sliding a bit and then chewing on the parts that stand up. She’s also moved a bunch of the recycling I had stacked nicely and scattered it about the hallway; it serves as another form of entertainment when she doesn’t feel like sliding. I have to say, though, she’s really mastered the floors in my place – it’s hilarious watching her drifting across the floor after she’s charged into a room, especially when she does 180s – and this is all her own doing, not mine.

No, my cats aren’t insane at all... Yeesh. I did manage to get an appointment to bring Thena in to have her bloodwork tested the next time I bring Venus in, so that’ll answer one question, at least. Here’s hoping the news is good – not that I have to worry about it anytime soon.

And because I have digital cable, I get to watch the season premiere of Gilmore Girls tonight, instead of tomorrow. I knew there had to be some good reason to have it... Now, if I could only leave work and go home and sit around and cross stitch, I’d be happy. I was at work yesterday until 6:15... urgh. Being a grown up sucks.

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